What is call tracking? How does it work? What are the benefits?

Call Tracking is a process that links 'offline’ phone calls to visitors online. Tracking phone numbers in marketing channels allows you to track and understand your customer journey from start to finish. These inbound call analytics also include keywords clicked and can be applied to offline channels.

We'll be covering some other commonly asked questions about call tracking in this blog.

What are call tracking numbers?

Call tracking numbers are trackable numbers that can be used for both marketing campaigns and to track customer journeys in order to optimise your business. These numbers allow you to track who, what, and where visitors called your business. These numbers can be dynamic or fixed, depending on how your campaign is structured.

What is dynamic call tracking?

Dynamic phone tracking assigns uniquely generated trackable phone numbers to each visitor to their website for marketing purposes. Trackable numbers will give data about customer journeys and the source of each customer, such as SEO, PPC, and more. This is in addition to fixed numbers that are usually used for offline media like TV, radio and print. Although fixed numbers can still be used for data, they don't provide as much detail as dynamic call tracking numbers.

What is call tracking?

Call tracking is cloud-based analytics that provides advanced tracking capabilities. It tracks visitors, events, goals, and other processes that link the customer journey, from offline calls to online visitors.

How does call tracking work?

Simply put, call tracking connects phone calls to your business to their source. Call tracking software is able to perform this task more precisely, at scale, with better analytics and greater application capabilities. Call tracking software is far more likely to deliver the full benefits of call monitoring.

How does call tracking software work?

  1. Each visitor receives a cookie that records all visits to the site.
  2. Every visitor is assigned a different phone number
  3. The unique number is called by a visitor. Call tracking software then records all user data.
  4. The call tracking software can combine phone call data and visitors digital activity to give businesses a complete view of their customer journey, source, and other details.

Why is call tracking necessary?

To understand the customer journeys of businesses using phone numbers to book sales, support, or bookings, call tracking is necessary. It doesn't matter if the customer is online, offline or a combination of both. These inbound analytics give businesses granular tracking that allows them to identify which marketing campaigns are delivering true value. This will allow them to optimise budget, increase revenues, and sustain their growth.

What is offline calling tracking?

Offline call tracking was already mentioned. To clarify, however, offline call monitoring is for sources or channels that aren’t on the internet. This could include posters, stationery, stationery, brochures, flyers, business cards, stationary and billboards. It can also be radio ads, posters or business cards. Although offline call tracker does not provide as detailed information as dynamic call tracker, it offers many of your usual benefits. You can use it to see what other activities are driving calls. The data is then recorded in your call analytics platform. This will help you budget more effectively.

How can marketers use call tracking?

Call tracking is used by marketers most often to optimise paid searches and other digital marketing performance. It also personalises the caller experience and improves the customer journey by unifying offline and online data sources. Many call tracking users report seeing big benefits such as a lower cost-per click (CPC), reduced cost per acquisition (CPA), or increased return on ad spend (ROAS).

Which industries should use call tracking solutions?

A call tracking solution is essential for any industry that depends on inbound calls to obtain customers. They can then identify the marketing programs that provide the greatest value and optimise their efforts accordingly. These include healthcare, automotive, financial services, directories, home services and franchises.

What questions should I ask when evaluating call tracking providers?

Many providers offer simple, basic call tracking services. To find the best call tracking provider, it is important to look at more details. Here are some questions that call tracking providers should be asking:

How do you use call tracking to your advantage?

Call tracking offers many benefits, including the ability to provide a wide range of solutions for marketing and operations teams. It also helps them deliver greater efficiency and better sales results. Have a look at our customer stories for more information about call tracking, including examples and results across a variety of industries.

To gain a full view of your customer journey, it is important to track inbound calls to your business from marketing campaigns. Get in touch with us to discuss what we can do for your business.

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