Call tracking software to supercharge your business.

We show you where your phone leads are coming from, so you can optimise campaigns and make better marketing decisions.

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It's time to tame your inbound phone leads.

1. Where are your calls coming from?

Discover exactly which advertising channel has caught your customer’s eye.
Search Keyword
Source and Medium
Landing and Conversion Pages
call tracking and analytics
call tracking software

2. Who's calling you?

Have they called before? Is the lead valuable? We can help answer all your questions in real time.
Retarget Callers with SMS
Expand Audience Reach
Instant Lead Notifications
Geo Location Mapping

3. What's being said?

Analyse what your staff are saying (or not saying) and transform every conversation into a good one.
Call Recording
Improve Call Handling
Transcribe and Summarise every call with AI
Save Lost Opportunities
call recording
call tracking integration

4. Need data connected with your tech stack?

Seamlessly integrate WildJar call data into your preferred platforms to complete customer journey and measure ROI.
Google Suite Integration
Microsoft Ads
Advanced API and Webhooks
WildJar reports

Why our customers love us

See the results marketers get by using WildJar's
award winning call tracking and analytics platform.


“We just couldn't do what we do without WildJar.”

Adam Boote

Director of Search

Simple, scalable Voice
and SMS solutions

WildJar is the most sophisticated call tracking and call
intelligence solution, helping businesses and marketers optimise
and drive higher revenue from inbound phone leads.

call recording


Record your phone leads to improve sales effectiveness and help with staff training and development

customer journey


Dynamically replace phone numbers and attribute the visitors phone calls with the exact keywords that triggered the  search behaviour

missed calls


Instantly receive alerts via email or SMS when a call is missed, does not convert or is not handled correctly

tracking numbers


We are a local carrier on a global scale! Order local numbers to your area, or look like a National with Toll Free numbers

reports and analytics


Detailed reports at your fingertips. Log in from anywhere in the world and view your calls in Real Time



Send voice and SMS data anywhere you need it with our clever API and one click integrations

call tracking and analytics

Call Tracking & Analytics

Understand which media channels are generating the most phone leads. Finally you can attribute your phone sales to your customer's digital journey
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Features To Grow Your Business

WildJar is packed full of features. Our team is focused on delivering solutions to WOW our clients. If you think we are missing something, let us know and we will build it!
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We Power Billions Of
Conversations Across
The World

Founded in 2016, WildJar has helped more than 4,000 companies worldwide connect with their customers through cutting edge call tracking and analytics solutions.

call tracking conversations

We bridge the gap between your customers digital
journey, and their offline conversion. No more

wildjar for automotive

WildJar for Automotive

Maximise all sales opportunities by providing the best possible customer experience.

wildjar for enterprise

WildJar for Enterprise

Solutions that are easy to set up and scale with your business. Bring your own carrier or use our secure networks.

wildjar for agencies

WildJar for Agencies

Credit where credit is due. Highlight the performance of your campaigns and give your clients transparency.

Client Testimonial


Reduction in Cost Per Lead


Increase in Call Volume


Increase in appointments set


Managing Director

"Before we implemented call tracking our reporting was focused on Clicks, Impressions and web conversions. We soon realised that our campaign performance was undervalued by our clients as we are now able to attribute offline phone conversions that take place online to our digital campaigns. The phone call was the key path to purchase for the majority of our clients."

WildJar's call attribution technology has allowed us to dramatically improve the way we optimise our digital campaigns. The team is exceptionally driven to help grow our business and always go above and beyond to help their clients.
The insights we get from using WildJar help us understand who is calling, and how to prioritise their calls.


Chief Marketing Officer