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If you’ve got something important to say, say it via SMS

WildJar is a fully integrated software solution that works with your existing CMS and marketing platforms to help you deliver a personalised, powerful customer experience.

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What is bulk SMS marketing?

Bulk SMS marketing is a mode of digital communication where businesses communicate with their contact database through Short Message Service (SMS). Messages of up to 160 characters can be sent to large volumes of people from all different geographic locations in a matter of seconds via an SMS gateway. With more phones in the world than people, bulk SMS marketing has become one of the most effective ways for businesses to reach their desired audience.

Why should you use SMS direct marketing?

Many businesses find that SMS direct marketing is an effective way to communicate with their customers. In today’s society, people have a very strong attachment to their phones. Our whole lives have become dependent on these pocket-sized supercomputers. We use them to communicate with our friends and family, we receive important work communications and we receive social validation via likes and comments. Each time our mobile devices vibrate or chime, we reach for it as fast as we can. As a result, SMS marketing messages have an extremely high open rate, reaching percentages as high as 98%.

SMS marketing allows marketers, sales professionals and customer service agents to immediately reach their customers in a direct and personalised way. SMS marketing is a cost effective way to generate brand awareness and to facilitate customer engagement, particularly with its two-way conversation capabilities.
of people open a text within 4 minutes of receiving it

of adults keep their smartphones within arm's reach
of consumers would consider opting in to a brand's sms loyalty programme

SMS campaigns receive an average response rate of 30%, compared to email campaigns, which is 4%
of people will click the URL in an SMS, compared to just 4.2% for emails

What is SMS marketing software?

If your business wishes to engage contacts via SMS, then it is absolutely essential to have a piece of SMS marketing software like WildJar. SMS marketing software allows your business to integrate SMS messaging seamlessly into your existing CRM software, customer data platforms and other marketing applications via what is called an API SMS gateway. Considering the SMS and internet infrastructures are essentially divided, it is impossible for the two to talk to one another without an SMS gateway. With WildJar’s SMS marketing software, you will be able to formulate personalised SMS and MMS messages and reach thousands of customers in a matter of seconds. The customer doesn’t need to download any additional software to engage in your SMS marketing, from their end, it works just like a regular text message.

SMS marketing software also allows for two-way conversations, which many businesses utilise to deliver outstanding customer service. The customer doesn’t require an internet connection, making it easy for the agent to reach them no matter where they are. WildJar’s SMS marketing software will also equip you with powerful analytics tools, helping you to build customised reports and analyse the success of your campaign.

What are the advantages of SMS marketing software?

The list of SMS marketing software is practically endless. By implementing WildJar’s SMS marketing software into your workflow, you’ll be able to:

  • automate the sending of SMS messages
  • have a simple, user-friendly CRM integration
  • perform SMS marketing tasks more efficiently
  • engage in two-way personalised conversations with customers
  • instantly deliver bulk messages
  • stay at the top of your customers minds
  • gain valuable customer insights
  • build customer loyalty through personalised discounts and promos
  • improve open and conversion rates
  • perform more strategic targeting
  • reduce customer support costs
  • have private and secure conversations

Who uses enterprise SMS marketing software?

Despite popular belief, SMS marketing software is not just for marketers. The software can be extremely useful to a number of other job roles including sales and customer service. In fact the tool is becoming increasingly popular in these fields as it enables fast interaction with customers and helps to nurture budding business relationships. Not all SMS marketing software solutions are designed to be used in a marketing, sales and customer service context, but WildJar certainly is.


Marketing is the most common use for SMS marketing software. You can personalise your messages, capture attention with emoji’s and images and offer your customers incredible deals and promotions straight to their pocket. You can even deploy feedback surveys via our SMS marketing software. Using SMS as a marketing channel is undoubtedly much more personal due to our collective reliance and close relationship with our phones. As soon as the screen lights up, our eyes automatically dart towards it, desperate to see what it says. 


With CRM integration, WildJar’s SMS marketing solution is every salesperson's best friend. You can nurture important prospects, view interaction history and track leads through the sales pipeline. Everything gets fed back to the CRM for safekeeping and future reference.

Customer service

SMS marketing software is an incredible tool to deliver attentive customer service. With WIldJar’s two-way conversation capability, your customers can get in touch with you everywhere they go, even without an internet connection. When customer convenience is the goal, WildJar’s SMS marketing software can help you deliver.

Generate powerful results with WildJar’s SMS marketing software

If you can’t see yourself manually typing out and selecting contacts for each SMS campaign, then book a demo with WildJar today. We’ll have your direct SMS marketing bases covered, and can also facilitate call and sales tracking and outbound call services. Improve your marketing results and customer experience with WildJar. For more information, call us on 1300 263 555 or jump straight into it by booking a demo.

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Does WildJar offer custom enterprise SMS solutions?

Yes, WildJar offers custom enterprise SMS solutions. Our software is extremely versatile and can be integrated with your existing CRM and marketing platforms to help your business to work more efficiently and in the way that you want. 

How can enterprise brands measure SMS marketing data?

WildJar is the perfect tool to help you measure and record your SMS marketing data. Our software integrates perfectly with Google Analytics which allows you to build reports, analyse open rates, track click through rates and more. Book a demo today. 

How secure is enterprise data with WildJar?

At WildJar, we pride ourselves on our secure software platform. We utilise only the most impenetrable data protection solutions available and conduct regular security audits to ensure that our security is at the top of its game.

Is texting more effective than email?

Sending an SMS marketing message is absolutely more effective than email marketing. SMS direct marketing has an average open rate of 98%, while email marketing stands at approximately 20%.