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WildJar's speech to text AI engine will automatically transcribe your call recordings. Use our call intelligence platform to identify keywords spoken, customer emotion and sentiment in real time and improve your sales performance.

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call intelligence

How it works



Turn on call intelligence and create rules around which spoken words you wish to spot during a conversation.



WildJar uses our AI Speech to Text model to transcribe the recordings in real time.



Identify calls that have positive or negative emotion and sentiment, whilst automatically tagging calls with your keyword Spotlight rules.



WildJar integrates this data into your 3rd party platforms to optimise, report and build lookalike audiences to improve sales.

What is Call Intelligence Software?

WildJar is now the industry renowned player in this field. To put it simply, call intelligence software transcribes, records and analyses the information conveyed through sales calls. Think of it as a means of sales enablement.

Our call intelligence software is perfect for agencies, and able to identify keywords and topics of conversation, granting users the ability to quickly leap to those particular points in the recorded sales call. Call intelligence software can be utilised by businesses in order to take note of key topics of conversation with potential buyers, as well as for training new sales representatives. To be classified as conversational intelligence software, a product must transcribe calls into data and text that is both searchable and analysable. In the process of sales call recording, it must also analyse a call’s transcription and identify themes, keywords and possible action items.

How your sales team can benefit from call recording software

Call recording can be invaluable to your sales team. It allows them to gain actionable insights from their conversations with customers, which can be used not only for personal growth, but for the benefit of the team as a whole. Call recording during a sale, along with call intelligence, will allow a look into customer sentiment or a customers’ most prominent keywords, providing an insight into how to tailor future communication in order to achieve maximum results.

Speech to Text

WildJar has the fastest and most accurate speech to text transcription, which means you can gain call intelligence in near real time.
Accurate call transcription
Use our Voice AI engine to identify emotion and sentiment trends
Speaker confidence scores
Escalate poorly handled calls and re-engage with customers to save sales opportunities
speech to text
call transcription

Keyword Spotlight

Our simple UI allows you to create Spotlight rules and tag the keywords you want to spot during a conversation.
Real Time call tagging
Score and colour code calls for easy reporting
Spot competitor or negative terms
Improve call handling and training
Conversation Intelligence

Conversation Intelligence Software Features

There are some key features to consider when it comes to conversational intelligence software. Call recording, especially sales call recording is unsurprisingly first on the list. However, it must also provide the ability for cloud storage of all recorded information. Call intelligence software must provide a call transcription service, along with intelligent call and voice analytics, as well as topic tags. Topic based call analytics, AI-based insights and the ability for both meeting and sales call recording (and sharing) all play a vital role in conversational intelligence software. The ability to sample call snippets should be easily accessible, as well as full on integration with third-party tools. Increasingly sought after is the sales coaching provision that accompanies most of the legitimate, high-spec CI available today.

Benefits of Conversation Intelligence Software

An organisation cannot exist without its customers, they’re the very lifeline that brings meaning to the whole operation. With this in mind, the benefits of using conversation intelligence software are numerous. Primarily, CI helps sales teams to focus on the calls that need urgent attention, while also ensuring 100% call coverage. Conversation intelligence software allows you to analyse your agents’ performance, against any benchmarks you may have set. It cannot be stressed enough that the ability to identify areas for sales coaching is one of the key benefits of CI. Potentially, most importantly of all, conversation intelligence software is cost effective, as it assists in reducing unnecessary mistakes.

Sales Enablement and Support by Conversation Intelligence Tools

Each and every sales manager, relations or customer support manager should be able to predict, with accuracy, both the specific direction and exact outcome of each conversation with a customer. It should be second nature to them that they’re always prepared to give the appropriate response. The ability to deal with a client’s objections should never be slower than the speed at which a normal conversation takes place. However, for the average sales rep this is unrealistic. This is where conversation intelligence tools take over and save the day. The application and utilisation of AI in both facilitating and automating a communications process leads to increased efficiency, evidenced by a reduction in the time taken for tasks such as tracking emails, prospecting customers or qualifying leads. Call intelligence software is here to stay, and should be respected as such.

Differentiating Call Analytics from Conversation Intelligence

Businesses have been using call analytics platforms for quite some time now. The concept of data harvesting in order to improve business performance is now an industry standard approach. That being said, there’s a distinct difference between Conversation Intelligence and Call Analytics. Call analytics are mainly used to provide a broad view of the overall call experience, including insights into the marketing that drove the call. 

They aren’t really necessary for onboarding, coaching, training or other performance related factors. In stark contrast, conversation intelligence is software that integrates with all telephony systems and web conferencing tools. It records, transcribes and analyses all customer-facing calls, using AI.

Why a Conversation Intelligence Platform is Useful for any B2B Organisation

As previously detailed, conversational intelligence records and analyses the conversation, which is useful from both the customer and sales representatives perspective. It provides an easy pathway to ensure that the correct level of coaching and training is applied, in the places where it will make the biggest impact. The difference between conversational intelligence software and standard call recording software, like Zoom, is that CI software analyses the conversations for you, taking notes so that you don’t have to.

Who Benefits From the Software?

Without the ability to effectively track any increases in phone driven business enquiries, you can’t tell what’s working and what isn’t, with regard to your marketing efforts. The call intelligence software previously discussed is beneficial not only to yourself, as a business owner, but also to your clients. Aside from the economic benefits for you as the business owner, clients will be reassured to know that they’re working with a company which keeps up to date with the latest technology available.

We bridge the gap between your customers digital journey, and their offline conversion. No more uncertainty.

We bridge the gap between your customers digital
journey, and their offline conversion. No more

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is call recording software?

Quite simply, it’s software that integrates with all telephony systems and web conferencing tools. It records, transcribes and analyses all customer-facing calls, using AI. Phone call conversion tracking provides managers with a greater insight into what’s going on within their team.

How does call recording software for business work?

The call recording software connects to your team’s chosen calendar, i.e. Outlook, Microsoft or G Suite, etc. It begins recording automatically across telephony and web conferencing systems, transcribing speech into written text, which is then analysed by AI. Essentially, it allows you to track phone call conversions. The information gathered is then used to generate insights and recommendations on how to improve all round performance.

Why use sales call recording software?

There are three key benefits associated with call recording software. For sales reps, it increases productivity by generating full transcripts of every call, then automatically uploading them to the CRM. It offers managers the chance to analyse the performance of reps, and deliver coaching accordingly. Finally, it allows sales leaders to identify any future risks that may occur, and act preemptively in order to circumnavigate the problems before they arise.