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WildJar empowers you with the tools you need to help attribute, automate and optimise your inbound phone leads.



SMS marketing

sms marketing

Keep your database and loyal customers updated with new product or offerings.
Two-way SMS

two-way sms

Use our dashboard just like chat, and have a conversation with your customers all sent via SMS.
SMS notifications

sms notifications

Receive notifications for appointment reminders or create triggers to send an SMS when you miss a call.
SMS follow up

sms follow up

Instantly send an SMS to your customers after they have called your business and receive Real Time customer feedback.
SMS to Email

sms to email

Receive inbound SMS replies straight to your inbox.
Advanced API integration

advanced api

Our API is super advanced. Send single or bulk SMS directly from your platform. The choice is yours.

We bridge the gap between your customers digital journey, and their offline conversion. No more uncertainty.