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WildJar call tracking provides full visibility on the origins of your inbound calls. The ability to track phone calls makes life easier for your reps, and acts as an invaluable marketing asset, in order to drive future revenue.

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How does it work?

How exactly are calls tracked, you ask? Call tracking from WildJar gives you the opportunity to show how much revenue is generated by each phone call. Using unique call tracking numbers, you can now connect a users call to their entire online and offline journey.
Finally have a holistic view of your multi channel marketing performancecall tracking how it works

1. Click, click

Customer engages with your advertising and clicks through to your website or landing page

2. Ring, ring

Customer calls unique tracking number displayed to them and connects to your business

3. Hello?

The call is routed to business as normal with additional call intelligence

4. Real time reporting

Customer's phone call is tracked and mapped to their digital journey along with call outcome

Discover the true path to phone lead conversion through google analytics phone tracking. Attribute and understand the many touchpoints your customers have engaged with across different media channels and devices before they call. Finally have a holistic view of your multi channel marketing performance.

You don’t just see HOW they found you, but you also understand WHY. Using detailed behavioural analytics you can find out everything from the exact keywords, source and campaign to the conversion pages that lead to them calling.

Why should you use call recording software?

When was the last time you called your bank, mobile network provider or any other customer service agent, not to be greeted with “this call may be recorded and monitored for training and quality purposes”? We live in an era of high-octane data gathering, what was once frowned upon is now universally accepted as a way of life. WildJar call intelligence software is designed to elevate the efficiency and productivity of your business, whatever the industry.

In order to improve efficiency for both customers and service providers alike, as well as ensuring and evidencing that the highest standards of compliance are adhered to, the ability to track phone call conversions is now a must for any successful business. In fact, there are a number of benefits to this practice. Your reps will appreciate it, primarily for the way it allows them to review and improve on their strategy, especially in sales roles. It provides total visibility and allows managers to offer tailor-made coaching to staff. It can also allow for the faster onboarding of new employees, as they can use previously recorded, real-world scenarios as reference points.

Why should you use call tracking software to track calls in Google Analytics?

Does your business drive sales via the phone? If so, you’re going to need phone call conversion tracking to track your leads, as well as conversions and anything else essential towards proving the ROI on your marketing strategy. Often overlooked, tracking your calls in Google Analytics can provide essential data, like campaign and keyword performance, as well as allowing you to fully understand the paths to conversion. The savvy marketer can then take this information and use it to better optimise future campaigns. Overall, the benefits include heightened accuracy in reporting, coupled with a better insight into what’s actually happening on sales calls. It also gives you the ability to track calls that aren’t from ad clicks and create call-based customer segments.

Call Tracking

Anytime, anywhere. The WildJar real time dashboard gives you instant access to the leading call tracking software, so you can measure the success of your campaigns.
Call recording
Landing and conversion pages
Source, medium and campaign data
Keyword attribution
call tracking

Call Analytics

Measure the success of your campaigns and start optimising to improve your business performance metrics.
Call trends and insights
Highlight better performing campaigns
Improve call handling
Grow your revenue

Customer Journey

Understand your customers better and see how they communicate with your business. Know their true path to purchase.
Retarget high value customers
Expand audience reach
Acquire more customers
Improve customer experience and retention
customer journey
missed calls

No Lead Left Unfollowed

Never miss another sales opportunity and act quickly to follow up.
Real time missed lead alerts
Save sales opportunities
Increase ROI
Grow your revenue

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Phone call tracking could be the missing link you're looking for

Does your business drive revenue from phone calls being converted into sales, appointments or leads? Maybe you have call conversions which can be tracked, reported and analysed in order to build on your marketing strategy? Learn how to track internet calls for your business by engaging WildJar’s multitude of services, Australia’s leaders in the phone call analysis software industry. Track your inbound calls like clicks using 1300, 1800, Mobile or Local number in Australia.

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WildJar seamlessly integrates into your existing marketing and CRM platforms to get a complete view of your customer. Deliver a better, more personalised experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Inbound Call Tracking Software?

Inbound call tracking software is one that attributes any inbound calls to their respective sources. The software integrates with digital analytics and advertising tools, and is most frequently used by marketing teams in order to better measure the success of their specific campaigns.

What are some of the features common to most call tracking software?

Most call tracking software platforms share the same common features, analytics, dynamic number insertion (DNI), agency packages and digital advertising integrations. However, some of the must-have features include user-friendliness, automated call routing, easy to read analytics and unlimited inbound and outbound calls.

What are the main benefits of call tracking software?

The main benefits of call tracking software are as follows. They track the source of inbound call leads, as well as providing reports on the effectiveness of both on and offline advertising campaigns. It also helps to develop a clearer picture of how customers came to discover your brand. The main benefit is that it grants the ability to optimise conversions, enabling you to build a stronger, more efficient marketing strategy.

How do you track sales calls?

Sales calls can be tracked in a number of ways. The top metrics used are usually the volume of closed records, per agent per team. This is coupled with the reps ability to qualify contacts and close sales on the first call. Ultimately, you need to set goals, how many people are you going to speak to and for how long?

How can I track a phone call conversion?

You can either track calls directly from ads, or utilise call and location extension software in order to speed up this process. By using resources like Google Tag Manager, you should be able to effectively track your phone call conversions.

How do I set up conversion tracking for call-only ads?

To track calls from call-only-ads, simply set up a minimum call length. Moving forward, every inbound call received that lasts at least that length of time will be counted as a conversion.

How do I track a call conversion on Google ads?

There are different types of call conversions you can track on Google ads. I.e. calls from ads, calls to a phone number on your website, clicks on a number on your mobile website or you can simply import call conversions. A helpful guide for these processes can be found here.

What does Conversion Tracking do?

Conversion tracking is a useful tool that provides visibility on what happens after a customer has interacted with one of your ads. For instance, it shows whether they purchased one of your products, called your business, downloaded your app or signed up to your newsletter.

How to choose the best call tracking software?

In order to choose the best call tracking software for you, it’s important to establish your needs, then research accordingly. However, as a starting point of reference, all good call tracking software must provide accurate insights on incoming calls, it should also be able to integrate with third-party apps. Finally, always be on the lookout for software that comes with robust reporting tools.