SMS Marketing: The missing link to your 2020 marketing strategy

SMS Marketing. The missing link.

Many people think of text message marketing as old-fashioned. For this simple reason, there are a lot of marketers who simply dismiss this technology or even worse, don’t even consider using it in the first place!

However, SMS is very much alive and well! It offers you a unique opportunity to reach your customers in a place they are not expecting it, creating a great sense of freshness that can result in better engagement.

In fact, there are a number of reasons to incorporate text messages into your overall marketing strategy, such as:

Why is text message marketing important in 2020?

Text message marketing
is a massively underused marketing channel in general, and for that reason it can be the perfect complement to your overall marketing strategy.

Take a moment to consider that everyone who owns a phone receives SMS, regardless of age.

Also, consider that SMS is a channel where people are not expecting to receive marketing messages. Their email inboxes and Facebook news feeds light up all day with promotions, and they often don’t pay attention to your marketing efforts because of overload.

SMS is making a resurgence and has the fresh feel to it again. When people receive an SMS, they’re extremely likely to open it and read it. In fact, SMS has the highest open rates of any commonly used marketing channel.

So, despite common misconceptions, SMS blasts are an easy and affordable marketing channel available to you. The fact that people are more open to this form of communication makes it an ideal frontier for digital marketers to increase their sales and engagement.

Text message marketing for small business – good idea or bad idea?

If you’re running a small business, then learning how to set up text message marketing is extremely valuable.

In smaller businesses, relationships with customers are of vital importance. Text messages are great for this and cut through the noise to show your audience that they are important to you. You can even make them feel like VIPs!

An example would be to offer exclusive early access to special deals and offers to those who are subscribed to your SMS list. This will make them feel very much ‘part of the family’ and like they have exclusive access to an insider’s club.

What are the goals of text message marketing?

Start by asking yourself what you and your business want to achieve viaSMS marketing. This could be a number of things, such as:

To run SMS marketing you will need text message marketing software, but keep in mind that sending bulk text messages is not free. SMS marketing, however, is often cheaper than running a healthy set of Facebook or Google ads!

When you send an SMS, you’re paying to get directly into their SMS inbox, which is somewhat of a sacred space for most individuals. For this reason, you’ll want to make sure that your message contains a great, high-value offer that the reader can’t resist!

How to be successful with text message marketing

When properly executed, all of the goals above are quite attainable.However, it’s important to:

At WildJar we can help with your SMS marketing. Easily create an SMS list and generate a unique campaign to cut through the marketing noise. Make sure to include call tracking, to understand how many of your customers who receive and SMS call your business.

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