Drive more revenue through search and beyond.

Did you know phone leads are 10-15 times more likely to convert? In other words, if they’re not part of your digital strategy, you’re missing out.
Make your next move in the right direction with call tracking software for your business today.
Better attribution
Bid management and search analytics tools are great at tracking clicks, but not so much when it comes to phone calls.
Keep customers happy
Are the campaigns you’re creating for clients generating calls for their business? We help you show them that!
Right place, right time
Understand the customer’s digital journey so you can strike up a conversation with the exact people you want to be talking to.

Credit where credit's due

Let’s be honest, if your campaigns are working, you want clients to know about it. Being able to see exactly which channels are getting results means you can wave goodbye to wasting budget trying to figure it out the hard way.

Showcase the success of your digital strategy and get your client’s phones ringing.

You’ll have real time acquisition and attribution reports at your fingertips when you enlist a call analytics company like WildJar to assist your business.
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white label

Looking to White Label?

Why not white label our call tracking software with your own branding, and bundle into your current service offering.

100% branded on your own domain name and easy to setup.

Simple, fast setup

Setup your client campaigns within WildJar in a matter of minutes with our simple javascript and Google Tag Manager implementations.

Order tracking numbers, configure your call flow rules and start tracking your clients calls in minutes for better marketing strategy.
number ordering
account structure

Unlimited accounts and user access!

We built our call tracking software platform with agencies in mind, allowing you to create as many accounts or companies underneath your Master Client.

Access from a helicopter view, to see performance of all you accounts, or drill down into a granular level for more detailed reporting.

Allow and share user access across your teams, departments and allow your clients to view only their call data.

Seamless integrations

Push offline conversion data phone calls into third party platforms such as Google Analytics and Google Ads with WildJar’s call tracking software for business.

Digest call tracking data in the platform that you are using the most, and overlay phone calls with online metrics.

Configure goals and custom events to measure the success of your advertising channels.

How WildJar Helps Agencies To Overcome Common Call Tracking Challenges

At WildJar, we place ourselves firmly in your shoes. We understand that when it comes to agency call tracking, any expenditure must show a return, and that there isn’t any room for guess work.

Agencies need to attain an accurate picture of just how many of their leads come from actual phone enquiries, or their respective source. We’ve eliminated all of the usual obstacles through our solutions-driven, tactical approach, which we’re confident will be felt at the agency’s end. The beauty of our platform is that it grants the ability to accurately measure, track and record the customers’ engagement, in line with the wider marketing strategy.

Unfortunately, many of the available agency call tracking solutions fall below the level of quality that we at WildJar deem acceptable. From poor call quality to inefficient platforms, the list goes on. Phone journeys are a complex digital journey, and people need data in a single source. Agencies should be able to ascertain a broad view of the overall call experience, including insights into the marketing that drove the call. This would also enable them to decipher what are good calls, and what are bad calls. They should also be able to work out how each call should be treated, in order to generate more sales and revenue, as well as helping marketers validate investments by getting a better return for the same budget. Agencies are slowly becoming strategic partners for businesses. Call intelligence can be used to inform and optimise agency campaigns, and empower sales. It’s also helpful for client retention, which is a big thing in today’s agency space. By using call transcriptions, agencies can gain added insights (even SEO use). They can analyse calls and drive more content based on this.

When embarking upon a relationship with WildJar, SMEs can rest assured that all call recording is of the highest quality, that our platform operates at the highest level of efficiency and that you’ll only be dealing with the most highly trained individuals in the field. It should be noted, not understanding why your customers are calling you to begin with is an issue that’s casually overlooked by so many companies.

What’s reassuring about our platform is that it provides accurate reporting, on exactly which page the caller was on when they decided to call. This level of insight into understanding the customer journey will allow you to optimise your website accordingly, maximising your potential for growth.

Benefits for Agencies Using Call Tracking for Business

As a dedicated professional, you give it your all, this bit goes without saying. With this in mind, it’s imperative that these efforts are both recognised and rewarded. With our business call tracking software you’ll be sure to get the credit for every lead. The inbound lead notifier will send a short but detailed notification to your client whenever your agency delivers an inbound sales call. What’s more, the amount of features available in the notifier means you can tailor it to a particular client.

Did you know, phone calls convert into sales at least ten times more than web leads do? This is why savvy business owners place such a high value on phone calls. It’s understood that the customer on the other end of the phone is either ready to buy, or readily in need of some specific information.

It’s a known fact that most analytics platforms can’t actually see phone calls. This means that neither you, nor your client can attribute marketing efforts to calls, with any accuracy. While you’re still able to pull data surrounding clicks, online conversions and impressions etc, without the actual call data you’re essentially back in the realms of guesswork.

With our unique business call tracking software, you’ll easily be able to integrate your call analytics directly into your existing tracking platforms. This means you’ll be covering all of the most important data points, and have complete visibility of the customer journey.
Drive more revenue through search and beyond
Easily install code and Dynamically swap numbers for any digital channel
Every lead generated by your marketing efforts will be attributed back to you
Reduce Cost Per Acquisition and improve conversion rates
Simple, one click integrations into your preferred platforms
Completely whitelabel with your own brand and create your own markup pricing model

Here are some of the problems that call tracking solves

First and foremost, call tracking determines the specific marketing channels that have driven the phone calls. Tracking by campaign is probably one of the most common use cases for call tracking software, without it, it’s extremely difficult to know the exact number of leads that are coming in over the phone.

It also shows which channels the calls came through, achieved by displaying a unique number, specific to each respective marketing channel.It also allows you to discover qualified leads. By utilising both the recording and transcription features of your call tracking system, the calls can be analysed to discover if they’re coming from qualified leads. This allows you to make essential changes to the campaign, and focus your ad spending on what will actually drive conversions.

It’s essential to understand which keywords are driving your phone calls. Call tracking provides a detailed insight into exactly which keywords are driving calls, and in turn conversions.

Call tracking gives businesses the ability to prove and improve their marketing strategy, when it comes to ROI. With features like call recording, campaign attribution and more, you’ll have a greater insight into which of your campaigns are getting the best results. 

Above all else, tracking your calls provides invaluable information into areas for self improvement. These insights can be used to develop future marketing strategies which will optimise the growth of your business.

We bridge the gap between your customers digital journey, and their offline conversion. No more uncertainty.

Call tracking services for Agencies

WildJar is the ultimate when it comes to call analytics companies. If you’re looking for a streamlined solution for call tracking software, enlisting our help will get you the results that you desire. We service many industries and have proven to make a difference that is noticeable and fast. No matter what size your company or business is from enterprise to SME, you will see results and the return on your investment will be worth it

Instant, Easy Integrations

WildJar’s call tracking software for agencies seamlessly integrates into your existing marketing and CRM platforms to get a complete view of your customer. Deliver a better, more personalised experience.

Call tracking & analytics

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need access to my clients’ website to install tracking code?

WildJar is built for agencies, with ease of implementation in mind. The WildJar tracking script can be fired within a Tag Manager solution with no back end access required. WildJar tracking allows you to bypass costly web masters and developers and start attributing phone leads quickly and efficiently.

How long does it take to order tracking numbers?

Tracking numbers can be ordered straight away! All you need to do is sign up and you can receive your tracking numbers in a matter of minutes. Every second there could be another lead to be tracked, another opportunity to optimise, we ensure that you do not have to wait days or even weeks for tracking numbers. Through our simple online number ordering process you can get up and running immediately.

Are there contracts?

No :) There are no contracts. WildJar is a 30 day service agreement with no hardware or software to install.WildJar is extremely flexible and you can cancel your account at any time. We understand the high-octane and fluid nature of agencies and clients. Our system is designed to empower agencies in every aspect - from our software to payment plans. Just remember to download your data before you leave!

Do I need to change my current phone system?

Not at all! WildJar’s business call tracking software is 100% cloud based and does not require any hardware or software to set up. This makes it simple to set up your clients with an account and tracking numbers. No need to speak to anyone in IT, no need for installation hassles, just jump into your account and go.

Can I whitelabel Wildjar?

Definitely! WildJar was built to go to market as a 100% whitelabel solution. By whitelabelling Wildjar’s business call tracking software, agencies can put their brand front and centre. Implement your own logos and URL for your clients to log into your own call tracking platform. No 'powered by' or any branding from WildJar. You can even apply markup models to create a new revenue stream for your agency.