We care about your calls just like you care for your clients.

Even after months of research, most people prefer to speak with a professional before booking a treatment. Call tracking allows you to see which calls have the most impact.
Missed call alerts
Set up missed call alerts in WildJar to make sure no potential high value clients are missed during peak times like lunchtimes or evenings.
Call whispers and recording
Record all calls and play whispers to help your customers answer the phone more effectively.
Connect calls to appointments
It is not enough to simply know which campaigns were clicked on. You also need to know what activity led people to seek treatment and make an appointment.

Record and rate calls for training

Your call centre staff can make a huge difference in the comfort of patients who contact you. WildJar can record your calls and give you a rating based on their outcome. This allows you to train your team by sharing best practices and showing them what worked.
Ultimate transparency on ROI

Benefits for Healthcare

Your inbound calls are valuable. Make sure you give your patients the best possible experience over the phone.

Microsoft Search Advertising Integration
Instant number ordering
Use Call Whispers to notify your customers a lead has been generated from your directory
Easily schedule reports for call trends and volumes
Send instant notifications
Call recording and call outcome monitoring

We bridge the gap between your customers digital journey, and their offline conversion. No more uncertainty.