5 Tips for Effectively Tracking the Performance of your SMS Marketing Campaign

SMS technology is a direct and effective way to connect with your customers, but your SMS marketing campaign is only as good as your tracking. If you want the best insights on ROI, it’s important that you implement software that can help you track every touchpoint along the customer journey. 

Check out these tips for tracking and measuring the performance of your SMS campaigns from the tracking experts at WildJar.

1. Start tracking data immediately

Before your campaign even kicks off, data tracking methods should be in place and tested. Without effective tracking in place, the whole campaign can be for naught as vital insights on your campaign may be lost or inaccurate.

Choosing a platform that incorporates bulk SMS blast, a realtime dashboard and omnichannel messaging can ensure a seamless strategy while at the same time collecting all the necessary information needed to assess the overall success of your campaign.

2. Keep an eye on the click through rate

By measuring the percentage of subscribers who initiated an action by clicking a link, you can access direct insights on how people are receiving and engaging with your content. Are they interested in learning more about your exclusive offer? Did they head straight to check out? Or maybe they’ve clicked through to your brand’s story.

Tracking the way people interact with the SMS provides you with useful data that points to whether or not your content is relevant and if you are targeting the right personas. You can use this information to further optimise your campaign for better results.

3. Are people opting out?

It’s important to remember that no campaign is completely void of opt-outs, but they should still be monitored closely. A high opt-out rate is an immediate red flag and could indicate a range of problems including poor timing, audience segmentation or content.

You can also take a look at the open rate. If people are choosing not to engage at all, it may be a good idea to remove them from the list completely, saving your budget and resources.

4. Are your subscribers converting?

Growth rate is another metric you can use to track your campaign. A growing list means extending your reach and expanding your audience, but it’s important to ensure your subscribers are converting. Depending on the goal of your campaign, if your audience is highly engaged, this could lead to more sales, hot leads or a potential upsell with an existing customer.

5. Integration is key

can make or break your ability to track a campaign. The good news is WildJar seamlessly integrates into your existing CRM and marketing platforms, giving you a comprehensive overview of your campaign’s performance. Integrating with Microsoft, Google Analytics, Salesforce, Facebook, Google Ads, HubSpot, Data Studio, Xero and more, WildJar allows you to deliver a more personalised experience and store your data all in one place.

Powering billions of messages across the world, our team can help yours achieve the best possible results. For more information on WildJar, book your demo and drive a better ROI today.

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