Call Analytics: Marketing’s unsung heroes

How is Call Analytics helping marketers?

As lockdown begins to relax, I am finding myself interacting with businesses much more on the phone. I’m not talking about clicking on apps or engaging with a mobile browser. I’m referring to that unsung hero in digital marketing — a voice call to a business spurred by a search ad, a Google My Business listing or even display and Facebook advertising.

Whether it’s asking about current business hours, organising delivery details or seeking information about products, it’s happening on the phone.

I’m not the only one experiencing this either.

Data coming from the US shows both AT&T and Verizon have been reporting dramatic increases in the volume and duration of voice calls during the pandemic, as people rediscover the benefits of the phone call.

Call analytics insights

Call tracking benefits aren’t news to businesses that depend on phone calls for leads, or to us that serve them with Call Tracking and Analytics technology. Using this call tracking data and integrating into 3rd party platforms such as Google Analytics and Facebook Ads Manager, we are gaining access to actionable insights.

If you aren't tracking your calls and rely on inbound phone calls for lead generation, give us a call :)

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