Call tracking metrics which each business starter must consider

Three Essential Call Metrics for SMEs to Consider

We’re living in a data driven world. The digitalisation of advertising has meant that absolutely everything about your campaign can be quantified, measured, assessed and analysed. While this has most definitely broadened the horizons of the industry and enabled entirely new approaches to marketing, it can be difficult to know if these these metrics are worth worth tracking. 

If you’re just starting a new business, it can be all too easy to get lost in the data. Whether you’re configuring a Google Ads campaign or considering call tracking, the philosophy is the same: Metrics should inform your strategy and shape the direction of your campaign towards your overarching strategic goals – not be ends in themselves. Spreading yourself too thin across too great an array of metrics can lead to your campaign losing its sense of urgency and agility, potentially putting you at a disadvantage in a fast-paced market.

At WildJar, we want business owners to move rapidly from data to insight to action, with metrics informing your course of action in a timely and effective way. There are dozens of call conversions which can be tracked, but not all of them provide the value you need. To help you be a smarter marketer, we’ve prepared this short primer of a few of the most important call tracking metrics that should be on your radar, so you can end the conversation and get back to building a winning campaign for your business. 

Referral source 

Arguably one of the most essential metrics for any market or business owner to track, knowing which campaign, ad or landing page was the one that tipped a prospect over the edge and made them pick up the phone is vital. In marketing, knowing what worked on one customer gives you an insight into what may work on other customers, allowing you to move from one off wins to repeatable, reliable success.  

First time callers

A crucial metric, finding out who on your call list is ringing for the first time is essential. While every call is an opportunity to make new customers, new callers is a vital metric to track as it shows which ad campaigns are cutting through with prospects, helping them make the leap from visitors to leads and giving you an opportunity to advance them further down the funnel. 

Call length

It can sound obvious, but not all calls are the same. A prospect who stays on the line for half an hour with a salesperson is much more valuable as a lead than someone who hangs up within one minute. Tracking average call length, setting different thresholds that correlate to lead scores and setting a minimum call length to qualify as a lead are all essential to sorting your hottest leads from the prospects that need more education. 

WildJar – an end-to-end call tracking software solution 

Make the smarter choice for your business. WildJar makes it simple for SME owners to track the metrics that matter, providing the information you need to make smarter decisions faster. Our call tracking software suits companies of every size, powering marketing campaigns both big and small and ensuring that you’re always steering towards success. 

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