Conversation is key in the path to purchase

Today, business marketing has evolved from traditional advertising of billboards and mail outs to complex digital journeys.

Companies across the globe spend large amounts of money on digital marketing, to get their product and services in front of the right audience across multiple online channels.

But is that enough? 

Brand discovery is only the first part of a buyer’s journey. The next is converting this interest into a sale. And for many businesses, conversation is key in the path to purchase, which happens when the consumer picks up the phone and calls you. 

However, if the insights from your digital investments tell you nothing about the consumer or their buying intent when they call… then you are only getting half the picture.

That is where Call Tracking and Analytics comes in. 

Call tracking is the ultimate technology platform that will help you understand your customers’ path to purchase from the first digital click to the final sales call!

Call tracking and analytics will allow you to see the entire digital journey that a customer went through before they called, providing insights into the effectiveness of your campaigns - creating a seamless buying journey, to drive higher sales and revenue.

You will be able to track where your calls are coming from, who is calling you and what is being said during the phone conversations. And don't worry, because your vital phone data seamlessly integrates with all the leading digital marketing platforms, these insights are sent directly into your campaigns to improve performance in real time.

Bridge the gap between your online marketing and your offline sales and supercharge your business growth with call tracking and analytics!

Reach out to the pack and start the conversation.

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