Elevating Agency Performance: How WildJar's White Label Solutions Transform Client Reporting

Marketing agencies constantly seek innovative tools to showcase their impact, refine campaigns, and deliver higher ROI to clients. WildJar, a premier call tracking and analytics platform, collaborates closely with agencies to provide these essential tools. This blog explores how WildJar enhances agency capabilities, focusing on the transformative power of its white labelling feature, and presents a case study demonstrating its effectiveness.

The Power of Call Tracking and Analytics for Agencies

WildJar offers a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to help agencies track and analyse phone leads, ensuring every marketing effort is accounted for and optimised. These solutions enable agencies to:

1. Attribute Calls to Campaigns: Pinpoint which marketing initiatives drive phone calls, allowing precise ROI measurement.

2. Enhance Client Reporting: Deliver detailed insights into call performance, underscoring the tangible results of marketing campaigns.

3. Refine Marketing Strategies: Utilise data-driven insights to fine-tune marketing approaches, maximising efficiency and effectiveness.

White Labelling: Elevating Your Brand

One of WildJar's most valuable features for agencies is its white labelling capability. This feature allows agencies to rebrand the WildJar portal as their own, creating a seamless and professional client experience. Key benefits include:

1. Brand Consistency: Maintain a unified brand presence across all client interactions.

2. Increased Credibility: Strengthen client trust and loyalty by presenting a polished, professional image.

3. Custom Reporting: Tailor reports to match the agency’s branding, enhancing the overall client experience.

Steps to White Label the WildJar Portal

1. Brand Customisation: Agencies can upload their logos, choose brand colours, and customise the user interface to align with their branding.

2. Custom Domain: Use a custom domain to reinforce the agency’s brand identity.

3. Personalised Communications: Configure email notifications and reports to appear as if they are sent directly from the agency.

Additional Revenue Stream Through White Labelling

WildJar's white labelling feature not only enhances brand presence but also opens up new revenue opportunities for agencies. By rebranding and reselling WildJar’s services, agencies can create their own pricing structures and profit margins. This additional revenue stream is a significant advantage, allowing agencies to:

1. Increase Profitability: Set their own margins on the services they offer, enhancing overall profitability.

2. Expand Service Offerings: Offer a comprehensive suite of branded analytics and tracking services, attracting more clients and retaining existing ones.

3. Strengthen Client Relationships: Provide a more personalised and professional service, leading to higher client satisfaction and loyalty.

Case Study: Local Search - Boosting Local Marketing Campaigns

Background: Local Search, a digital marketing agency specialising in local SEO and PPC campaigns, partnered with WildJar to enhance client reporting and optimise marketing strategies.



1. Call Tracking Implementation: Local Search integrated WildJar’s call tracking software across all client campaigns.

2. White Label Portal: Customised the WildJar portal to reflect Local Search’s branding, enhancing client trust and professionalism.

3. Detailed Reporting: Provided clients with comprehensive reports detailing call sources, call quality, and conversion rates.


Why Agencies Love WildJar

WildJar’s platform is trusted by over 4,000 companies worldwide for its reliability and advanced features. Agencies particularly appreciate:

1. Ease of Integration: Seamlessly integrates with existing marketing tools and CRMs.

2. Real-Time Data: Provides access to real-time call data for making informed decisions swiftly.

3. Scalability: Suitable for agencies of all sizes, from small firms to large enterprises.


WildJar is transforming the capabilities of marketing agencies with its cutting-edge call tracking and analytics solutions. By incorporating WildJar’s white labelling features, agencies can not only optimise their campaigns and enhance client reporting but also unlock new revenue streams through customised service offerings. This powerful combination enables agencies to deliver superior value, bolster their brand identity, and foster deeper client relationships. Adopting WildJar’s technology ensures agencies remain at the forefront of delivering measurable, impactful marketing results.

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