Google Analytics & WildJar: The most commonly used WildJar integration

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a popular tool that offers in-depth data and reporting on your website traffic, including the acquisition, behaviour, and conversion. It can also give you detailed tracking on:

How does WildJar's Google Analytics integration work?

WildJar’s Google Analytics integration ensures all calls that are tracked through a WildJar tracking number is pushed into Google Analytics as an Event-based Goal. When a customer calls, a unique Event will be sent into Google Analytics which will trigger a single, unique Goal completion.

If the same customer calls back during the same session, WildJar will trigger another Event, however Google Analytics will not trigger another Goal, as the caller is not unique. This gives you the ability to overlay offline call conversion data with your online conversion data in Google Analytics for a more holistic, complete reporting platform. The WildJar platform gives you the flexibility to decide which callers or tracking sources to integrate into Google Analytics. This is extremely useful for businesses looking to track their and manage their leads differently within their Google Analytics reporting suite.

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Common ways this integration is used, and why?

Google Analytics is the bee’s knee’s for digital reporting, as it gives marketers a high-level view of how their marketing initiatives are performing. Users can see calls as events in Analytics alongside other conversion metrics like form completions, video views, chats and email signups. The integration allows for in depth customised reports for agencies, including the digital path the caller took on your site before calling in.

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WildJar’s Google Analytics integration is by far the most commonly used integration by WildJar clients. It’s extremely simple to configure and implement - users only have to add in their unique Google Analytics ID. Once the integration is activated in WildJar, users can set up their Goals however they see fit.

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