Harnessing the Wild Potential of Your Customer Calls with WildJar

Understanding customer interactions is crucial for business success. At WildJar, we specialise in transforming these interactions into valuable insights. Established in 2016, WildJar has become a global leader in call tracking and lead intelligence, assisting over 4,000 companies worldwide. Our innovative solutions ensure you never miss a lead, optimise your marketing efforts, and ultimately drive revenue growth. With WildJar, every call counts, every lead is valued, and every opportunity is maximised.

About WildJar

At WildJar, our mission is simple: to ensure that no lead goes unnoticed and no opportunity is missed. With our innovative technology, businesses can seamlessly track calls, gain real-time insights into their leads, and integrate this data with their existing tech stack to enhance customer journeys and measure ROI. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our core values:

The Power of Call Tracking

Do You Know Where Your Calls Are Coming From?

Understanding the source of your phone leads is crucial for effective marketing. WildJar’s call tracking allows you to attribute conversions to the correct advertising channels. By identifying the search keywords, sources, and campaign data, you can optimise your marketing spend and improve ROI.

Do You Know Who Is Calling You?

With detailed call intelligence, you can instantly identify whether your callers are new leads or existing customers. This insight helps you prioritise high-value leads and retarget them effectively. Our geo-location mapping feature further enhances your understanding of caller demographics, enabling you to tailor your marketing strategies accordingly.

Do You Know What Is Being Said?

Analysing phone conversations is key to improving call handling and customer satisfaction. WildJar’s call recording and analytics features allow you to monitor interactions and identify areas for improvement. By optimising your campaigns based on real conversations, you can increase conversion rates and save lost opportunities.

Seamless Integration for Enhanced Capabilities

WildJar integrates effortlessly with your existing marketing and CRM platforms, providing a comprehensive view of your customer journey. Our integrations include Google Suite, Microsoft Ads, Salesforce, and many more. This seamless connection ensures that you can track, manage, and analyse your calls within your preferred systems, delivering a more personalised customer experience.

How Does It Work?

WildJar’s call tracking assigns unique numbers to each marketing campaign, enabling you to link phone calls to the customer’s entire online and offline journey. Our platform provides a real-time dashboard with instant insights into which marketing efforts are driving phone calls and enquiries. Key features include:

Advanced Call Analytics

Our call analytics feature helps you measure the success of your campaigns and optimise performance metrics. By highlighting better-performing campaigns and improving call handling, you can drive revenue growth and improve customer satisfaction.

Missed Lead Reports

Never miss another sales opportunity with WildJar’s real-time missed lead alerts. These alerts enable you to act quickly and follow up with potential customers, increasing your ROI and growing your revenue.

SMS Gateway

The quickest and most effective communication channel for your customers, our SMS gateway allows for bulk messaging, automated notifications, and two-way SMS conversations. Integrating SMS with email ensures you never miss an opportunity to engage with your audience.

Call Routing

Say goodbye to complex routing setups with WildJar’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Easily create and manage call routing configurations to ensure your customers are always directed to the right person or department.

What Sets WildJar Apart?

WildJar stands out in the market with several unique advantages:

Transform Your Business with WildJar

Implementing WildJar’s call tracking and lead intelligence solutions is quick and straightforward. We can set up your account within 72 hours, providing you with immediate access to our platform’s powerful features. Our team is dedicated to ensuring you feel comfortable using the system, with comprehensive onboarding and ongoing support.

Join the ranks of successful businesses that have transformed their communication strategies with WildJar. Capture every opportunity, optimise your marketing efforts, and drive growth with our innovative solutions.

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