Unlocking Offline Conversions: How Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) Revolutionises Digital Marketing

In today's digital age, marketing strategies have evolved to encompass a myriad of online channels. However, despite the dominance of digital marketing, offline conversions still play a crucial role in driving business growth. The challenge lies in effectively tracking these offline conversions and attributing them to the appropriate online marketing efforts. This is where Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) emerges as a game-changer for marketers seeking comprehensive insights into their campaign performance.

The Pain Point:

Imagine investing significant resources into various online marketing channels – Google Ads, social media campaigns, email marketing – only to realise that a considerable portion of your conversions originated from offline sources such as phone calls. This lack of visibility into offline conversions poses a significant pain point for digital marketers. Without the ability to track and attribute these conversions accurately, marketers are left in the dark, unable to optimise their campaigns effectively or allocate budgets strategically.

The Solution: Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)

Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) is a powerful solution that bridges the gap between online marketing efforts and offline conversions. At its core, DNI dynamically assigns unique phone numbers to different online channels, such as digital ads, landing pages, and website sections. When a prospect engages with a marketing asset and decides to make a call, the DNI system ensures that the call is attributed to the specific marketing source that prompted the action.

How DNI Works:

Let's delve deeper into how Dynamic Number Insertion works in practice. Suppose a digital marketing agency is running a multi-channel campaign to promote a client's new product. The campaign includes Google Ads, social media ads on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and targeted email newsletters.

With DNI implemented across these channels, each ad or promotional material is associated with a unique phone number. When a prospect sees the Google Ad and decides to call the provided number for inquiries, DNI dynamically inserts a tracking number specific to that ad. Similarly, if another prospect clicks on a social media ad and decides to call, DNI assigns a different tracking number associated with that ad. This process ensures that every call is attributed accurately to its respective marketing source. These numbers are then carried through to the website, where the number will dynamically replace on the website and stay consistent to what the customer is seeing across the advertising channels.

Benefits of DNI for Marketers:

1. Accurate Attribution: DNI provides marketers with granular insights into which online channels are driving offline conversions. By tracking calls back to their original marketing sources, marketers can accurately attribute conversions and optimise their campaigns accordingly.

2. Optimised Budget Allocation: Armed with data on the most effective marketing channels in driving phone calls, marketers can allocate their budgets more strategically. Instead of blindly investing across various channels, they can focus their resources on the channels that generate the highest return on investment (ROI).

3. Enhanced Customer Journey Mapping: DNI enables marketers to map out the customer journey comprehensively, from initial online engagement to offline interactions such as phone calls. This holistic view of the customer journey allows for more personalised and targeted marketing efforts, ultimately improving the overall customer experience.

4. Data-Driven Decision Making: With robust call tracking data provided by DNI, marketers can make data-driven decisions to optimise their campaigns in real-time. Whether it's adjusting ad creatives, refining targeting parameters, or fine-tuning messaging, marketers have the insights they need to drive continuous improvement.


In an increasingly digitised marketing landscape, it's essential not to overlook the significance of offline conversions. Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) emerges as a vital tool for bridging the gap between online marketing efforts and offline conversions, providing marketers with the insights they need to make informed decisions and drive business growth. By harnessing the power of DNI, marketers can unlock a wealth of opportunities to optimise their campaigns, enhance the customer experience, and ultimately achieve their business objectives.

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