How Call Intelligence improves the automotive customer experience

Dealerships now have less time to grab car-buyers' attention than ever. In 2020, the average time consumers spent online shopping to find their next vehicle was just over seven hours. That's two hours less than in 2019, and six hours less than in 2017. Not only are they spending less time searching, the average consumer visits only two dealerships prior to purchasing a vehicle.

For automotive dealers and marketers to stand out and sell more cars, they must deliver a positive customer experience at all stages of the car-buying process. Dealers can use Call Intelligence to create these experiences

The Voice of the Customer is a powerful tool to create a better sales experience

Voice of the Customer (VoC), in its simplest form is the feedback that customers give to you. VoC research focuses on how customers think, speak, feel, and act when they address a problem (in this instance, looking for a vehicle).

VoC data is often used to highlight customers':

Dealerships must understand their VoC data in order to make stronger sales messages and position themselves as the best option for car buyers.

Call Intelligence is a power-up for WildJar's Call Tracking solution. It uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to automatically capture VoC data from all your inbound calls. It can identify common keywords and phrases spoken by customers, and with our Spotlight Automation Rules, it can be programmed to identify specific keywords that you wish to monitor.

This data could be of assistance to you:

Let's suppose Call Intelligence Spotlight finds the keywords "mileage", "safety ratings" and "more space" when customers call your sales team. These calls could be from families searching for safer, larger vehicles. This information could be used by sales and marketing teams to:

This use case shows how the VoC data discovered by Call Intelligence software can be used to create exceptional customer experiences, especially for young families, even before they call or visit your showroom.

Create sales training materials using automated phone recording analysis

In a recent call tracking study, 57% of callers who contact a dealership's sales department have intent to buy a vehicle. The study also found that high-performing sales representatives are "12% more likely to schedule an appointment via the phone" than lower-performing reps. Sales reps who engage with customers more on the phone, overcome pricing objections and persuade callers to visit the dealership, will ultimately close more sales.

What can you do to improve the skills of your new auto sales reps?

Call Intelligence allows sales professionals to use AI to record, transcribe and flag inbound calls so that sales teams can see which sales methods are moving a lead closer (or further) to converting to customers.

These transcripts and recordings can be very helpful to:

First, identify the sales calls that led to customers visiting your dealership. Spotlight's can be used to flag calls in which a customer mentions "set up an appointment" or mentions "in the afternoon". This will allow you to review these calls and see how your sales team engaged with customers to overcome their objections and get them into the showroom or for an appointment.

Call Intelligence helps improve your dealership's service quality

Your sales reps are not the only ones using the phone for customer interaction. Your dealership must implement and maintain a service quality program that ensures every customer has the best experience possible, regardless of who they are speaking to. If leads receive unhelpful service from sales representatives or staff at any stage of their car-buying journey, they will be quick to move on to other dealerships.

Call Intelligence can also be used to find and capture VoC data. You can also use it for monitoring specific caller traits using SmartTags, that indicate a successful customer call.

You could track whether the front desk staff greets customers with a dealership-specific greeting or collects their information correctly, or mentions sales promotions and specific sales. Managers could use the same reporting engine for call transcripts to quickly analyse the calls of all staff members to determine how they are meeting customer service goals.

Managers can listen to the call recordings of a particular employee to assess their customer correspondence. Was the sales rep engaged? Can they provide assistance and answer questions? Your customers want a great experience at your dealership. You can create a service quality program that will help them achieve this.

Excellent customer experiences can bring about enormous benefits

Excellent customer service goes beyond just the sale. American Express found that customers will tell 9 people if they have a positive customer experience, and 16 people if they have a bad one.

73% customers report that they value customer reviews when choosing which car or where to purchase it. The better your customers experience, the more they will be brand advocates and help you to grow your business.

WildJar's Call Intelligence platform can improve your dealership's customer service. Start your free trial of WildJar today.

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