How to recover lost opportunities and increase revenue!

James O'Neill

How to recover lost opportunities

Don't get lost in the wild. As a marketer or a business, you are spending a lot of dollars to attract customers to convert into a sales opportunity and ultimately revenue. With phone calls converting at 10-15 x that of other leads, it makes sense to focus on advertising that is driving phone calls that convert better and higher revenue. But not every call goes as planned.

For a variety of reasons, callers may disconnect or abandon the call without scheduling a meeting or booking an appointment, and your opportunity to guide that prospect to becoming a customer is lost.

Whether there was a lengthy IVR that wasn't intuitive, or a misunderstanding about pricing options, sometimes calls that should have led to new business fail.

Get a second chance

But don't worry! That missed opportunity doesn’t have to be the end of the customer journey. What if you were alerted in real time when a high intent call ended in a negative result? Or even simply when a customer abandoned the call due to a poor call flow experience?

And what if you had all of the essential information you needed to reconnect with the caller in Real Time, before they had a chance to call a competing company?

With WildJar missed lead alerts, you can!

Recover missed opportunities

WildJar missed lead alerts helps businesses identify when a sales opportunity, or high intent caller is mishandled or missed. Our advanced algortythm analyses calls in real time, and looks at search behaviour to automatically score calls based on their propensity to purchase. If we flag a call as a negative outcome, however look like a good prospect, we can escalate this and notify you via email or SMS.

That alert contains the call details you need to learn about what went wrong, as well as a unique tracking number, using WildJar Reconnect to call the customer back to re-engage with the prospect - all while tracking and recording the outbound call!

With WildJar's missed lead alerts, tied in with WildJar Reconnect you can improve your marketing outcomes without increasing your budget. Don’t let the leads you drive get disconnected. Save your lost opportunities by getting a second chance to convert your prospects.

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