How to Make Phone Calls Measurable for Businesses

In today's world, businesses use various ways to reach people, like websites and ads. But something important was missing—tracking phone calls. WildJar changed that. We made it possible to understand phone calls just like we understand clicks on a website. This is a big deal because it helps businesses see the whole picture of how customers interact with them.

WildJar's technology is like a bridge between old-fashioned phone calls and modern online journey's. Even though we do lots of browsing online, calling a business is still important for many people. Before WildJar, it was hard to know how those calls connected to the rest of the marketing channels.

So, what does WildJar do? It helps businesses know which ads or marketing channels make people call them. They can see how long calls last and even understand if the conversations were good or not. It's like magic that helps businesses make better decisions about their ads and where to spend their money.

One cool thing about WildJar is how it joins phones and marketing together instantly. It uses smart technology to not only track calls but also help businesses make smart choices. This means companies can change their ads or plans right away to make things better for the people who call them. They can focus ad budget on higher value customers who are calling their business and converting to sales.

WildJar also works with other tools that businesses use, like CRM's and reporting platforms. This means everything works together smoothly. It helps businesses understand what people do online and then connect that to when they call.

In a world where every way people talk to a business matters, WildJar is the king of the jungle. We help businesses see the whole picture of how people find them and decide to call. By making phone calls part of how businesses understand their customers, WildJar is changing how companies can make their ads better and understand what people want.

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