Bridging the Gap: How WildJar's Call Tracking Solution Resolves the Challenge of Measuring Offline Conversions

Bridging the Gap: How WildJar's Call Tracking Solution Resolves the Challenge of Measuring Offline Conversions

Amidst the proliferation of digital marketing strategies, businesses have honed their ability to track online interactions meticulously. However, a significant blind spot persists: measuring offline conversions initiated through phone calls. Studies indicate that up to 88% of conversions occur via phone calls, underscoring the crucial need to bridge the gap between online and offline channels. This is where WildJar's call tracking solution emerges as a game-changer.

The Pain Point:

For marketers and business owners, the inability to track and attribute offline conversions accurately poses a significant challenge. Traditional analytics platforms focus primarily on online interactions, leaving phone calls unaccounted for in conversion tracking. As a result, businesses struggle to measure the full impact of their marketing efforts, leading to misallocation of resources and missed opportunities for optimisation.

The Solution:

WildJar addresses this pain point head-on with its comprehensive call tracking solution, designed to provide businesses with actionable insights into offline conversions.

Here's how WildJar helps resolve the challenge:

1. Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) and Static Numbers:

WildJar employs DNI technology to dynamically assign unique phone numbers to different online marketing channels, campaigns, or even individual ads. This ensures that every inbound call is attributed to the specific online source that prompted it, whether it's a Google Ads campaign, a social media post, or a website landing page. Additionally, WildJar offers static numbers for offline channels such as print advertisements, billboards, or direct mail campaigns. This allows businesses to track offline conversions with the same level of accuracy as online interactions.

2. Offline Conversion Tracking:

By capturing data on inbound calls, including caller demographics, call duration, and call outcomes, WildJar enables businesses to track offline conversions accurately. Marketers can analyse call data alongside online metrics to gain a holistic view of the customer journey and identify touchpoints that drive conversions.

3. Integrations:

WildJar seamlessly integrates with popular CRM and marketing automation platforms, such as Salesforce, HubSpot, and Marketo, enabling businesses to consolidate call data with other customer interactions. This integration streamlines data analysis and facilitates lead attribution across the entire sales funnel.

4. Advanced Analytics:

Beyond basic call tracking, WildJar offers advanced analytics features, including call recording, transcription, and sentiment analysis. These capabilities empower businesses to extract valuable insights from customer conversations, uncovering pain points, objections, and preferences that inform future marketing strategies.

Statistics and Figures:

• According to a study by BIA Advisory Services, phone calls influence over £740 billion in consumer spending annually in the United Kingdom alone.

• 65% of businesses report that phone calls are their most valuable source of leads.

• Businesses using call tracking experience an average increase of 30-50% in ROI on advertising spend (WildJar internal data).

In an increasingly digital landscape, the ability to track offline conversions is of prime importance for businesses seeking to optimise their marketing efforts and maximise ROI.

With WildJar's call tracking solution, businesses can bridge the gap between online and offline channels, gaining valuable insights into customer behaviour and driving actionable results. By accurately attributing offline conversions to specific marketing initiatives, businesses can allocate resources more effectively, refine their strategies, and ultimately, achieve greater success in their marketing endeavours.

With WildJar, the era of uncertainty surrounding offline conversions is over, paving the way for data-driven marketing decisions and enhanced business outcomes.

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