Increase conversions with call analytics

Increase conversions with Call Analytics

80 million inbound calls are being driven by Google Search ads every month.

Marketers, digital agencies and businesses are constantly looking for tools to help optimise and improve conversions.

How can Call Analytics help improve conversions?

One example is a recent case study with a well known Window Tinting business. They were running a Google Ads campaign, measuring when a customer clicked through their ads onto their landing page, and tracking online form conversions. Through their Google Ads account and conversion tagging, they were able to determine which keywords and campaigns were driving enquiry. They then measured their cost per lead and optimised for future performance.

Their Google Ad spend was $5,000 per month and had successfully measured 110 online form conversions. Their cost per conversion was $45 (cost / conversions = $5,000 / 110).

What happens when a customer clicked through to the website through the same campaign and did not fill in a form? What if the customer preferred to pick up the phone and speak to an agent? How can I measure this?

Without call tracking and analytics, this conversion would not be attributed to your Google Ads campaign. How many phone calls are being driven into the business from Google Ads?

With this knowledge,  WildJar was implemented to track all calls that were generated from the Google Ads campaign. Using dynamic number insertion to measure landing page tracking, and a unique number in their Google Call Extension, they tracked 145 phone call conversions!

The same Google Ad spend of $5,000, and the same online conversions of 110 with an additional 145 phone calls, directly attributable to Google Ads.

What happened to campaign performance metrics?

cost per lead

The Cost Per Conversion which was previously $45, reduced significantly to $19 ($5,000 / 110 + 145)!

Just by turning on call analytics, the Window Tinting business could see a true measure of campaign performance. Successfully combining their offline phone data with their online search data.

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