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If you're looking for a way to increase phone call conversions, you'll want to implement a phone call tracking tool. There are several options out there, from Google's call forwarding tool to commercial call tracking services. These programs are similar to Google's call tracking service, but they usually have extra features like call recording and automatically marking calls as different types. These calls can also be integrated into Google Analytics so you can see how many of your ads are actually converting.

WildJar's Lead Scoring

Phone calls can be a powerful revenue stream for digital marketers, and WildJar's Lead Scoring feature can help them realise this potential. For example, Jax Tyres, which generates leads for its network of tyre fitters, knows that consumers will dial in to learn more about the services offered. Using WildJar, Jax Tyres can track these calls and route them to the right branch based on the caller's profile.

WildJar's Lead Scoring feature can help marketers determine how to optimise their phone-related actions in the customer journey. This new feature allows the end user to score the call during the phone call by pressing certain digits on their keypad i.e. *1 for a Successful Booking or *2 for Tyre Kicker (pun intended). Now Jax Tyres head office can understand in more detail if the marketing efforts they are running at a corporate level are driving sales bookings at the local level.

Google call forwarding tool

You can track phone call conversions by using Google's in-app call forwarding tool, but there are a few problems with it. This tool counts only about 25% of real calls, which means you may have robo calls or spam. The conversion tool also counts the length of the call, but not the sales value. The problem with this is that it can lead to more bad leads than good.

The first step in enabling conversion tracking is to set up the conversion type. Google Ads calls this type of conversion "Calls from ads." You must have a forwarding number in order to enable this conversion type. Then, specify the phone number in your feed item, and the appConversionType. If you set a forwarding number, you can track the conversions for calls in Google Ads. For a more advanced solution, you can easily integrate WildJar into your Google Ads account directly.

WildJar Analytics

With WildJar's Analytics, you can turn conversation data into automated action, enabling your business to improve every human interaction and digital touchpoint. This way, you can create better buying experiences, generate more leads, and increase revenue. WildJar's platform lets you manage all of the details of your phone call conversions, so you can focus on the most important things - like driving more leads.

WildJar's comprehensive call tracking and analytics solution allow marketers to attribute phone conversions to their digital marketing efforts and optimise their strategy based on the results. WildJar integrates with leading martech tools, enabling you to view call data alongside your other analytics data and make smarter decisions about how to spend your advertising budget. With WildJar, you can attribute phone conversions back to keywords and use the data to customise your interactions with consumers.

WildJar Call Intelligence

WildJar is a real-time analytics platform that analyses the conversation between callers and brands to determine their call intent, interest in a product or service, and whether or not the caller made a purchase. This unique technology enables brands to attribute the value of each phone call, including keywords and revenue value, to a campaign. By transcribing the call recordings into text, you can create searchable transcripts and create 'Spotlights' to automatically tag certain words or phrases spoken. Call Intelligence technology is especially useful for attribution of calls from Google Ads and other sources.

As time passes, more interactions are being attributed to a single touchpoint. For example, the first interaction is credited with the lowest value, while the last interaction before the conversion receives the highest value. For phone call conversions, a long-duration conversation can be considered a worthwhile conversation. WildJar's Smart Tag feature allows you tag calls automatically based on their profiles i.e. Tag the call as 'Qualified Lead' if the caller is a new caller, talk time is greater than 60 seconds and they called through a Google Ads campaign. Typically, the conversion window for a click-through campaign is thirty days, but you should also consider the attribution model for more detailed tracking.

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