Power up...with SMS follow up!

When a customer decides to hit the "Call Now" button on your website or Google My Business listing they expect their call to be answered. Customers expect the same journey they have experienced online to be replicated offline.

Unfortunately for small businesses, not every call can be answered.

Luckily, WildJar has a solution for you!

Introducing SMS Follow up!

When your business misses a phone call WildJar will automatically SMS the customer, notifying and thanking them for calling your business. Note: customers must call from a mobile phone... and with 78% of customers now calling from mobile... we like these numbers!

Your customer will be extremely surprised by the quick response from your business, letting them know that they are important to you! All frustrations of their enquiry not being handled will be removed, as they now have an expectation and follow up process of when you will be in contact.

Coupled in with WildJar Missed Lead Alerts, your business will be immediately notified of the missed call via Email or SMS - with all the customer details.

Now when your business returns the customers call (armed with the information of their enquiry intent) the customer will be hit with a double surprise and happy with their offline experience!

Excellent customer experience. ✅ Saved opportunity. ✅

Popular features:

SMS follow up also works on a number of different use cases:

Why SMS?

SMS is very much alive and well! It offers you a unique opportunity to reach your customers in a place they are not expecting it, creating a great sense of freshness that can result in better engagement.

In fact, there are a number of reasons to incorporate text messages into your overall marketing strategy, such as:

Why we care :)

During COVID-19 the phone has experienced something of a renaissance. Call volumes are way up in a number of verticals, as consumers seek to, among other things, confirm product inventory and opening hours. Historically, small businesses have done a poor job in answering the phone and responding to missed calls. SMS follow up used with Missed Lead Alerts helps businesses save opportunities and generate more revenue.

Let us help you improve your customer experience. Take control of customer engagement with your company and leave an excellent customer experience.

Start configuring your own SMS follow up now, or contact us to find out more.

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