Introducing the new WildJar Dashboard 3.0!

James O'Neill

Welcome to WildJar 3.0!

The WildJar team has been busy building out the most advanced Call Intelligence platform and we are so excited to share it with you. So excited, that we decided to add in some more features at the last minute!

So many updates in the one release :) 

Platform Upgrades: 

New tracking script – our biggest core update! Too much to write in one line, however it is super fast, super light, super flexible and will give you access to better insights!

Database and security – in line with PCI, GDPR, HIPAA and our global expansion we have made your data even more secure and stable. Multiple redundancies and connections to multiple global carriers will make sure your business stays up and generating revenue! Available, scalable and secure. (Big shout out to Maurice, our in-house AI bot who constantly monitors and updates us of any issues!)

Advanced Call Routing and Call Flow Builder - our new drag and drop call flow builder will not only save you time, it will also save you money on existing expensive routing. Create IVR's and Menu's, time based routing, location based, post code prompting, round robin and multi transfers.

New Integrations:

Microsoft Ads – formerly Bing Ads, now view call data alongside your Microsoft search data in their dashboard

Facebook – view offline phone conversions in your Facebook Ads manager account. Create lookalike audiences for callers and optimise to drive revenue.

Salesforce (Realtime integration) – create a Lead in Salesforce as soon as a call is initiated. Lookup records or create records in real time.

Pipedrive (Realtime and Post call integration) – one of the fastest growing CRM’s, with WildJar have the ability to push calls live or post conversation. Create and update leads.

Realtime API availability –
gain access to our new API, which enables you to push call data as soon as a call is initiated.

Webhook – have a platform to integrate with we don’t have an out of the box solution for? No worries! Use our Webhook to create whatever integration you would like.

Fusion SD AMS – view call data in your automotive lead management tool.

Agency Analytics – easily monitor your important call KPIs and metrics in your Agency Analytics reports.

Outbound Calling:

Web Phone – create Sip phones in our dashboard and start calling your customers back directly from our dashboard. No clunky 2 leg dialer calls. Easy, click and dial! Just plug a headset in and you are good to go!


One click SMS – simply click on a mobile number in the dashboard and send them an SMS

SMS BulkGateway – send bulkSMS to databases for marketing and promotions

SMSAutomation – set rules around responses and automate SMS workflows 

MMS Gateway – a picture tells 1,000 words! Use MMS to create a great impression for your brand

Power Ups:

SMS Follow Up - Re-engage with customers via SMS, making it easy to follow up and save lost opportunities.

Smart Tags - Gain instant lead quality by automatically tagging and scoring your leads, based on your callers behaviours.

Call Intelligence - Transcribe calls, identify specific words spoken and uncover your customer’s emotion and sentiment.

Additional Features:

Easy number and account ordering – we know it was already easy, but we made it even better! Set up accounts and numbers in less than 30 seconds.

Address Book – want to know who is calling you? The new Address Book feature will save the contacts details so you can see the name of your customer as they call you (available for multiple calling numbers).

Customer journey – no more single line data sources. We want to show you how often your customers are contacting you, or you contacting them. View your customers interactions on a timeline and engage with them in a more meaningful way. 

Billing, Accounts and Resell:

White Label - completely white label the WildJar dashboard with your own branding

Account structure – create multiple billing clients, and enable a simple billing model that works for you

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