The Benefits of Local and Toll-Free Numbers in Call Tracking Campaigns


Call tracking campaigns can be made more efficient by using both local and toll-free numbers. Each type of number has its own benefits, and using both in your campaign can yield considerable advantages.

  1. Enhanced Customer Experience: The usage of local and toll-free numbers can significantly improve your customer's experience. Local numbers can offer a more personalised and localised feel to the customer. On the other hand, toll-free numbers give a professional and national appeal, allowing customers to reach out to the business without incurring call charges.
  2. Increased Conversion Rates: People tend to respond better to local phone numbers because they recognise the local area code. This can increase the call response rate, leading to higher conversion rates. Toll-free numbers can also enhance conversion rates as they're free for customers, promoting them to make the call.
  3. Brand Reputation: Local numbers can make a business seem more approachable and community-centered, boosting your brand's reputation in specific regions. Toll-free numbers, alternatively, can give a company a national presence, making it appear larger and more established.
  4. Improved Tracking: Both local and toll-free numbers can be used in different marketing campaigns to track performance. By assigning unique numbers to individual campaigns, businesses can easily track which efforts are successful and where calls are originating from.
  5. Cost-Effective: Using local and toll-free numbers in call tracking campaigns is relatively inexpensive. It’s a cost-effective strategy to evaluate the performance of different marketing efforts and optimise marketing spend.
  6. Geographical Targeting: Local numbers can be used to target specific geographic areas. This can be helpful for businesses that operate in particular regions or for campaigns targeting a specific locale.
  7. Customer Insights: By using local and toll-free numbers, businesses can gain invaluable insights about their customers. You can understand from which area most of your calls are coming, at what time you receive most calls, and which marketing efforts are most effective.

In conclusion, integrating both local and toll-free numbers into your call tracking campaigns can enhance customer experience, increase conversion rates, boost brand reputation, and provide you with vital information to help optimise your marketing strategies. It is a cost-effective method that can be adapted and scaled to suit businesses of all sizes.

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