Unlocking Marketing Potential: Deep Dive into WildJar's Reporting and Insights

Harnessing the power of data is essential for refining marketing strategies and driving business growth. WildJar’s call tracking and lead intelligence software is designed to do just that, offering a suite of robust reporting tools that transform raw call data into actionable insights. Whether you're looking to optimise campaigns, improve customer service, or simply understand your audience better, WildJar’s comprehensive reports provide the clarity and direction you need to stay ahead of the competition. Let's explore how each report can elevate your marketing efforts.


The WildJar Dashboard is your central hub for a real-time overview of your call activity. This user-friendly interface displays essential metrics at a glance, including total calls, answered calls, missed calls, and average call duration. By providing a snapshot of your call performance, the Dashboard enables quick assessments and informed decision-making.

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Having immediate access to these metrics allows you to:

Calls Report

The Calls Report offers a detailed analysis of each call, including caller ID, call duration, call outcome, and the marketing source that drove the call. This granular data helps you understand not just the quantity but the quality of your calls.

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Insights Report

The Insights Report aggregates data across all your calls to identify patterns and trends. It includes key metrics like call duration distribution, caller location, and call outcomes. This report is invaluable for strategic planning and performance optimisation.

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Summary Email Reports

Stay informed with regular email reports summarising your call activity. These reports can be customised to focus on the metrics that matter most to you and are delivered straight to your inbox at your preferred frequency.

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Web Attribution

Web Attribution connects your online marketing efforts with your call activity, providing insights into which web campaigns are driving calls. This report tracks the user journey from the web interaction to the phone call, offering a clear picture of your digital marketing effectiveness.

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Call Attribution

Call Attribution provides a detailed analysis of the marketing sources driving your calls. This includes offline sources like print ads and online sources like Google Ads, giving you a complete view of your marketing effectiveness.

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WildJar's powerful reporting tools are designed to provide actionable insights that drive smarter marketing decisions and improve overall business performance. By leveraging these reports, you can enhance your lead intelligence, optimise your marketing efforts, and ultimately drive growth. Stay ahead of the competition with data-driven strategies powered by WildJar.

For more detailed information on each report, visit our Reporting & Insights page.

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