What is a first time caller?

Understanding the significance of first-time callers is crucial. In the realm of call tracking, these individuals hold substantial importance as they pave the way for potential business opportunities that sales and marketing teams can tap into through tailored strategies, ultimately enhancing the caller experience.

Why are these first-time callers so essential? Well, think of them as the gateway to new business ventures. Unlike repeat callers, these newcomers represent fresh prospects. For instance, directing first-time callers to a specialised new business sales agent while assigning repeat callers to their dedicated account manager or support agent can optimise the handling of these unique customer segments.

The data derived from these first-time callers, alongside repeat callers, serves as a valuable resource for your phone representatives to ensure an optimal experience. Utilising call whisper messages to identify the specific ad a caller interacted with before making the call empowers agents to tailor their approach effectively. For example, if a new lead clicked on an ad related to "hot water repair," the receiving agent can better address the caller's needs or route the call to the appropriate department.

Understanding the behaviour of first-time callers within Google Analytics is also instrumental. While using WildJar, integrating it with Google Analytics offers insights into distinguishing first-time callers from repeat ones. This integration not only reveals the pages visited by the caller before dialling but also helps segregate sessions and callers within Analytics.

Configuring your Analytics call goals to differentiate between new and repeat callers provides more accurate data in your dashboards. WildJar’s product team, emphasises the significance of setting up first-time caller data in Analytics. This practice ensures cleaner information for marketing and sales professionals, eliminating confusion stemming from duplicate data. By isolating first-time callers, a clearer understanding of marketing efforts emerges, allowing for improved ROI by accurately counting new leads, prospective customers, and excluding repeat conversions.

While both first-time and repeat callers hold equal importance for businesses, personalising the experience for each group can yield substantial benefits. To explore how call tracking with WildJar can enhance the caller experience for both types of callers, consider requesting a demo and start a free trial today.

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