What is Call Monitoring?

“This call may be recorded for quality and assurance purposes” - a sentence heard so often by consumers, they likely no longer notice its presence. This is what’s meant by the term ‘call monitoring’.

Call monitoring is a technique used by many organisations to improve call management and increase customer satisfaction.

Benefits of call monitoring

There are a number of reasons why call monitoring is used so broadly:

Reviewing successful -and not so successful- calls can help leaders to coach teams to improve their call handling and identify alternative techniques that could be beneficial. These recordings can also aid in onboarding new employees. By accessing real world examples, new starters will have confidence in what they are likely to face and can use what they’ve learned to achieve their own targets.

Identifying techniques that have consistently converted leads into sales can help to improve the overall effectiveness of your workforce.

Regardless of your industry, there are likely compliance standards that need to be adhered to. By monitoring calls you will ensure these are being met and can potentially use these recordings as evidence if required.

Call monitoring will allow you to explore the techniques used by consultants and determine where they may have lost sales. Furthermore; an opportunity to save calls may be identified to either use with specific customers or in future conversations.

Along with call recordings, there can be an extensive range of data that becomes available when using call monitoring software. This ranges from the total number of incoming calls and the ratio of new callers to returning customers, the average duration of these calls, and abandoned calls, missed calls and voicemails.

Having access to this level of detail can help to improve efficiency and sales effectiveness and to identify potential save opportunities.

Delve deeper for valuable insights

With the digital buying landscape expanding and more and more consumers opting to do their research online - it may be prudent to invest in a call monitoring tool that takes it one step further. Expanding on the traditional call monitoring techniques with call tracking is seeing widespread benefits across a number of industries.

A phone call from a consumer is just one step in their overall buying journey. Think about how much more potential there could be in the sales conversation if you knew what led them to call in the first place. By partnering with a successful technology solutions company like WildJar and taking call monitoring one step further you can achieve just that.

How WildJar can help

WildJar evolves the call monitoring process by identifying previous steps in the customer’s journey. For example - if a customer accesses your website and uses a unique contact point provided to them (Dynamic Number insertion), the WildJar software will be able to provide detail on that specific customer’s digital journey. Whether they looked at specific products, made a purchase or even signed up to your mailing list.

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