What is Dynamic Number Insertion?

Dynamic number insertion (DNI) stands as a crucial but often underestimated tool that bridges the gaps in a customer’s sales journey. Understanding what dynamic number insertion is and its significance can greatly enhance your marketing strategies.

In simple terms, dynamic number insertion involves integrating a code on your website that responds dynamically to visitors' origins. With DNI, phone numbers displayed on web pages are automatically switched based on various factors like the visitor's location, referral source, keyword searched, ad campaign, and more. This functionality allows precise tracking of incoming calls and accurate association with their sources, providing valuable session data.

A core component of call tracking, dynamic number insertion via WILDJAR is one of the most effective methods to optimise marketing budgets, demonstrate marketing campaign ROI, and acquire insights into customer behaviour. Leveraging DNI, you gain the clarity needed to allocate ad spend effectively and identify areas that require adjustments, which are pivotal for marketing success and beneficial for your budget.

Maintaining Customer Connection Beyond Online Activity

Dynamic number insertion ensures you don't lose sight of prospects and customers when they transition from online to offline interactions, specifically when they decide to make a phone call. While tracking online activities is relatively straightforward for most marketers, bridging the data gap when a customer calls often remains a challenge. WILDJAR's DNI technology enables the connection of offline conversions with the online activities that led to them.

For instance, a visitor clicking through a social media post will encounter a specific phone number on the landing page, while someone arriving from a Google search will see a different number.

When integrated with call tracking, WILDJAR's dynamic number insertion facilitates tracking the precise origins of phone calls. Understanding which ads, keywords, and channels generate the most leads allows for informed decisions on ad spend allocation and concrete demonstration of marketing efforts' ROI.

Increasing Relevance of Dynamic Number Insertion in the Age of Mobile Searches

Today, tracking phone calls and accurately attributing leads and conversions holds paramount importance. Statistics reveal a notable surge in mobile-based searches leading to phone calls. This surge emphasises the criticality of precisely tracing the sources generating these calls.

The seamless transition from online search to direct phone calls signifies a growing trend. Mobile searches have increased significantly, from 177.8 million in 2016 to 211 million in 2020. Moreover, the pandemic-induced shift has seen a dramatic rise in phone calls overall, with Verizon handling over 800 million wireless calls daily, more than double their busiest calling day – Mother's Day.

Efficient Data Tracking for Informed Business Decisions

Capturing valuable insights from incoming calls can be challenging for businesses. Relying on manual inquiries like "where did you hear about us?" is inefficient. The integration of call tracking with dynamic number insertion offers a superior alternative.

Understanding the motivations prompting prospects to make calls facilitates strategic ad spend, targeted keyword focus, and the creation of more valuable content. The significant surge in calls isn't expected to diminish, making it imperative for organisations to utilise DNI and call tracking to gather insightful data. It's crucial to explore the capabilities of dynamic number insertion and its impact on organisational success.

Enhancing Sales and Marketing with Dynamic Number Insertion

WILDJAR's DNI and call tracking technologies go beyond mere number swapping by offering an array of benefits:

  1. Focused Ad Spend: WILDJAR's DNI allows assigning specific numbers to ads, enabling real-time insights into ad performance and aiding in informed budget allocation.
  2. Customer Insights: DNI helps personalise customer experiences by providing demographic information, online preferences, and search behaviours.
  3. Content Strategy Optimisation: It aids in understanding preferred content types and topics that resonate with the audience, allowing smarter resource allocation.
  4. Keyword Strategy Enhancement: Real-time insights into keywords driving leads and conversions aid in refining SEO and keyword strategies.
  5. Product and Service Optimisation: By identifying pages generating calls and conversions, it facilitates informed optimisations.

Essential DNI Capabilities by WILDJAR

  1. Omni channel Attribution: Tracking the complete customer journey from the first touchpoint to the last engagement.
  2. Multiple Types of Phone Numbers: Offering local, toll-free, vanity and mobile numbers catering to diverse business needs.
  3. Tailored Number Allocation: A focused approach allowing businesses to pay for numbers based on traffic sources.
  4. Caller and Call Details: Capturing caller information and call specifics for better customer service.
  5. Call and Lead Scoring: Automating processes to streamline sales and marketing alignment.

WILDJAR's suite of DNI capabilities aligns with various business requirements, offering a comprehensive solution for precise call tracking and customer journey analysis. It empowers businesses to make data-backed decisions and drive conversions effectively.

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