WildJar leaps into AI call processing

A LEADING provider of call tracking and analytics solutions, WildJar, has announced what it calls a ground breaking AI Super Summary of its phone monitoring results for its dealer clients.

The company says the innovative feature uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to automatically summarise call recordings. It says the innovation “is revolutionising the way businesses analyse and extract valuable insights from their customer interactions”.

WildJar records and then transcribes all sales and service calls into dealerships as part of its role of monitoring phone leads for action. The system also allows management to measure phone techniques and sales protocols.

The process can be time-consuming but by adding layers of artificial intelligence to translate, into key follow-ups, the actions referred to by customers in the course of the calls, a lot of time is saved.

James O’Neill, CEO of WildJar, said that by automatically condensing lengthy call recordings into concise summaries, companies can save precious time and resources, enabling them to focus on critical business decisions and enhance customer experiences.

“With the AI Super Summary power up, WildJar empowers businesses to streamline their call analysis process and extract key information efficiently,” he said.

Mr O”Neill told GoAutoNews Premium: “We have been going to dealers and getting feedback and they are all loving it because they don’t need to wait to listen to calls and don’t have to spend all the time listening to calls.”

James O'Neill

He said the system looks for key references in a call recording that could indicate, for example, there is a confirmation of a service booking discussed in that call recording.

“This is a game-changing technology for our clients. The AI Super Summary power up will empower businesses to uncover invaluable insights from their call recordings effortlessly.”

Mr O’Neill said that some of WildJar’s partners are training companies and that the move to AI reporting is a value-add to these companies.

“It is an enhancement to traditional training and coaching in that all calls can be summarised rather than sales trainers or agents trying to spend time sifting through recordings to find coachable calls. They can use the summaries to identify opportunities faster and train staff more effectively,” he said.

The company said that key features of WildJar’s AI Super Summary power up include:

“WildJar’s AI Super Summary power up represents a significant leap forward in call tracking and analytics, offering businesses unparalleled efficiency and insight,” the company said.

“By automating the summarisation process, WildJar aims to help companies enhance customer satisfaction, optimise marketing campaigns, and make data-driven decisions with ease.
About WildJar: WildJar is a leading provider of call tracking and analytics solutions, allowing businesses to gain valuable insights from their customer interactions. With a comprehensive suite of features, including the innovative AI Super Summary power up, WildJar enables companies to optimise their marketing campaigns, improve customer experiences, and make data-driven decisions.

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