Your Guide to Optimising Phone Leads for Your Small Business

Leads are essential to your business, but they’re raw material. Like turning iron ore into steel, leads have to be refined and processed to be made into something valuable. Realising the value of a lead means optimising it, but what does an optimised lead mean exactly? 

An optimised lead is one that you can understand and influence – it’s a lead whose needs and goals you’re aware of, whose journey you’re able to track and who is moving meaningfully towards a sale. Fundamentally, it’s a lead that stands out from the crowd of enquiries because they’ve demonstrated they are the closest to making a purchase or closing the deal. 

How do you optimise a lead?

A lead that just sits in an inbox is no good to your business. You need to make purchasing from your business the most obvious and easiest decision to make, which takes strategy. Taking the time to educate and inform prospective customers of the benefits of your product or service, the strengths of your business and what it can offer to directly address their needs go a long way to turning curious visitors into profitable customers and committed brand ambassadors. 

But as any marketer will tell you, underneath that outreach needs to be the right strategy, which requires detailed knowledge of your leads. If you don’t know where an individual is on their journey to becoming a customer, all of your efforts to convince them of the strengths of your company will be unfocused and unaimed. That means data, and lots of it. 

What does that mean for my marketing? 

For many modern forms of communication such as email and social media, the paper trail is automatically there – and if not, it can be quickly built. Many modern email marketing platforms can pinpoint precisely where in a message someone stopped reading, track and compare the performance of multiple versions of the same email in real time and automatically segment new enquiries into established audience personas, providing marketers with a huge volume of carefully collated and organised data that’s so easy to feed back into your strategy. 

Less so with legacy systems such as phones. Out of the box, your phone system tells you precious little about an interaction with a lead. You’ll be able to know what number they called from, how long they spoke and other fundamental facts, but it won’t give you the depth of customer data immediately provided by even the most basic digital marketing systems. With more than 60% of all customers preferring to call small businesses, many businesses are flying completely blind when it comes to a majority of leads. 

The solution 

Call tracking is the answer. WildJar’s advanced call tracking and analytics platform delivers deeper, richer insights on your phone leads allowing you to quantify the previously unquantifiable. Unique call tracking numbers allow you to associate a call with an existing customer, finding out precisely what keyword they used, what landing page made them pick up the phone and what campaign is driving the most success for your brand – so you can find out what works. One click integration with a range of platforms including Google Analytics, Salesforce, HubSpot, Zapier and more allow you to build call data into your existing dashboards, expanding your vision without demanding additional configuration. 

Whether you’re a marketer looking to deliver more for your client or a business owner after an edge on the competition, WildJar’s phone lead conversion tracking platform is the answer. Book a demo today and find out how we could transform your marketing.

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