Autogate Pro Integration

Connect WildJar to your Carsales Autogate Pro and manage your automotive leads more efficiently.
WildJar call tracking easily enables businesses to deliver phone lead information that occur on their website into their Carsales Autogate Pro accounts. This integration gives automotive dealerships the ability to have all of their phone leads from any advertising source available in the one lead management tool.

WildJar pushes phone calls and data into your Autogate Pro account in real time, including all of the customers details and call recording, which can then be used in your lead and conversion reporting.

WildJar call tracking helps businesses determine WHERE your phone leads are coming from, WHO is calling your business and whether they are new leads or repeat and WHAT is being said on the phone, so managers can analyse phone leads for training and optimisation.


Benefits of Microsoft Search Advertising Integration
Create new leads in Autogate when an inbound sales call is completed
Benefits of Microsoft Search Advertising Integration
Remove the need for manual entry and follow up prospects effectively
Benefits of Microsoft Search Advertising Integration
Automate process and drive business efficiencies
Benefits of Microsoft Search Advertising Integration
Manage all phone leads, not just Carsales directory leads in the one centralised dashboard

AutoGate Pro is the one-stop-shop for dealers who want to consolidate their lead management and maximise the potential of their internet presence.

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