WildJar Facebook and Meta Integration

Upload WildJar call data to your Meta Ads account as an offline conversion and view your phone leads with your campaign data.
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WildJar call tracking easily enables businesses to deliver phone lead information that occur offline into their Facebook Ads account.

WildJar's call tracking and intelligence software is designed to allow you to monitor your important call KPIs and metrics in your Facebook Ads accounts.

1. Attribution: Get credit for all conversions your Facebook ads drive, whether online or over the phone.
2. Target Audiences: Use call intelligence to improve the customer experience for your target audiences.
3. Lookalike Audiences: Extend your reach to find more people that look like your best customers who call and convert over the phone.
4. Native Reporting: Spend less time merging data and more time optimising with call data side-by-side with click data.

Integrating WildJar is as easy as downloading your call data from the WildJar call log, and then uploading into Facebook Ads as an offline conversion.

Reach out to the team on how to integrate call data into Facebook Ads using the offline conversion upload method.
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Benefits of Microsoft Search Advertising Integration
Offline conversion reporting
Benefits of Microsoft Search Advertising Integration
Give credit to Facebook ads
Benefits of Microsoft Search Advertising Integration
Create lookalike audiences and target better looking prospects
Benefits of Microsoft Search Advertising Integration
Optimise campaigns for both click and call conversions

WildJar's call tracking integration into your Facebook Ads account gives you insights into your entire campaigns.

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