WildJar and Hubspot Integration

Connect WildJar to Hubspot CRM in real time and view your phone leads with your website and other lead data.
WildJar call tracking easily enables businesses to deliver phone lead information that occur offline into their Hubspot CRM accounts. Intelligently attribute phone calls to keyword and session level granularity for optimisation and improvement for sales teams.

WildJar pushes phone calls and data into your Hubspot account using a Webhook, which will create a new record using the callers phone number. You can then easily merge this data in Hubspot to an existing record and have full visibility on your customers online and offline interactions with your business.

WildJar helps businesses determine WHERE your phone leads are coming from, WHO is calling your business and whether they are new leads or repeat and WHAT is being said on the phone, so managers can analyse phone leads for training and optimisation.

Use this data to effectively trigger journeys and emails to new prospects, or to existing clients.
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Benefits of Microsoft Search Advertising Integration
Send phone calls into Hubspot in real time
Benefits of Microsoft Search Advertising Integration
View all of your interactions in your Hubspot CRM
Benefits of Microsoft Search Advertising Integration
Know the keyword, source, medium and campaigns driving revenue over the phone
Benefits of Microsoft Search Advertising Integration
Improve your sales team performance and deliver a better ROI

WildJar's call tracking integration into Hubspot CRM gives you insights into the entire customer journey.

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