Microsoft Search Advertising Integration

Attribute phone calls to your Microsoft Ads campaigns and start maximising your ROI.
Microsoft Search Advertising Integration
WildJar now has the ability to send web and conversion data from phone calls directly into Microsoft Ads. This integration enhances campaign performance by automatically connecting conversions back to the specific search keywords, ads or campaigns that customers interacted with during their search, allowing for a detailed picture of a customer’s purchasing behaviour.

Formerly Bing Advertising, you can now supercharge your calls with WildJar's call tracking platform.

WildJar's tracking script now automatically searches and collects the unique Microsoft Click ID (MSCLKID) used in the Microsoft network. This Click ID stores valuable information on the customer, and by turning on WildJar and Microsoft Ads integration, you will be able to attribute calls to your customers digital journey.

By turning on the Microsoft Ads integration you can:

• Report calls as offline conversions directly in your Microsoft Ads Platform
• Attribute calls to the Keyword, Ad, Ad Group and Campaign levels
• Improve campaign performance by viewing online and offline conversions together

The Microsoft Ads integration can work in 2 ways:

1. Using the Microsoft API, you can authorise WildJar to send call data into your Microsoft Ads account in real time on call completion in the WildJar dashboard.
2. Download call data directly from our dashboard and manually upload using Microsoft's Import template at a time that suits you.

Learn how to integrate WildJar into Microsoft Search Ads here
wildjar microsoft ads integration


Benefits of Microsoft Search Advertising Integration
Transparency of call attribution to Microsoft Ads and improve ROAS
Benefits of Microsoft Search Advertising Integration
Optimise and improve campaign performance with detailed reports
Benefits of Microsoft Search Advertising Integration
Prove effectiveness and showcase multi channel digital strategy
Benefits of Microsoft Search Advertising Integration
Realise the power of Voice and SMS in customer journey

Microsoft Search Advertising market share continues to grow globally, with over one third of PC search market share in the US, 23% in the United Kingdom, 16% in France and nearly 16% in Australia.

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