Accelerate sales by shifting focus to customer experience

Drive more showroom visits and increase dealer appointments.
Connect digital campaigns to vehicle sales
Integrate your call data with your Lead Management Tools to nurture and follow up effectively.
Never miss another sales opportunity
Instantly receive SMS or email alerts when a call is missed, does not convert or is not handled correctly.
Acquire more high value customers
Improve your digital marketing strategy by retargeting high intent customers who are yet to make a purchase.

Time to pick up the phone

Dealerships are still missing phone calls.

Getting a phone lead is hard enough in todays digital age. Making sure your team is answering the calls accurately and efficiently is the key to turning the lead into revenue.

Around 56 percent of people will go to your competitor if they don't receive a response within 30 minutes. Instantly receive alerts when a call is missed, does not convert or is not handled correctly.

Benefits for Automotive Dealers and Manufacturers

Immediately recover lost opportunities you never knew you were missing and give customers the experience they need.

Instantly receive missed lead alerts via SMS or email
Integrate call data into your Lead Management System of choice to nurture sales opportunities
Record all calls to monitor and improve call handling
Know which marketing campaigns are driving phone leads to better allocate budget
Recover missed calls by sending an automated SMS Follow Up to your customers encouraging them to call back

WildJar is trusted by Auto Brands around the globe

Gain visibility into how OEM leads are handled at the dealership level.
Key benefits:
Helicopter view of dealer leads
Transparency on lead management
Optimise national advertising on local outcomes
Streamline OEM and Dealer marketing efforts
Train staff to improve sales effectiveness
Understand your local customer and answer calls effectively.
Key benefits:
Never miss another sales opportunity
Follow up with lead enquiry in Real Time
Attribute local advertising to phone leads
Integrate into Lead Management Systems
Train staff to improve sales effectiveness

We bridge the gap between your customers digital journey, and their offline conversion. No more uncertainty.