How are you locations handling calls?

Gain visibility into how your franchise network are handling calls and give them the tools to improve sales performance.
Instant number ordering
Instantly set up new numbers for customers in dashboard or via API as they go live.
Call Whispers and Recording
Record all calls and play whispers to help your customers answer the phone more effectively.
Alert customers of mishandled leads
Instantly send notifications via email or SMS of missed or mishandled calls.

Ultimate transparency on ROI

Replace your customers phone number with a WildJar tracking number, and show them true ROI on calls.

Have visibility into call outcome, and prove your directory performance and commercial model.

Ultimate transparency on ROI

Benefits for Directories

Showcase your audience reach and get your clients phones ringing.

Microsoft Search Advertising Integration
Instant number ordering
Use Call Whispers to notify your customers a lead has been generated from your directory
Easily schedule reports for call trends and volumes
Send instant notifications
Call recording and call outcome monitoring

We bridge the gap between your customers digital journey, and their offline conversion. No more uncertainty.