Automotive: A customers journey starts online

In today’s age of digital marketing, the car buying journey has evolved. Your dealership’s customers are no longer coming into your showroom before they’ve made up their mind about which vehicle to purchase. Instead, they’re doing the majority of their research (and decision-making) online, long before they enter your dealership.

As customers and dealers move to e-commerce based solutions to help combat the spread of COVID-19, dealers websites are now more important than ever. Focus should be on customer experience, and giving the customer the tools they need to seamlessly make a decision and ultimately purchase of a vehicle.

However there is a large blind spot which WildJar is uncovering in the customers online transaction journey, using call tracking.

For car dealer sites that are already tracking their inbound phone calls, we are seeing a number of these customers abandoning the ‘cart’ at purchase / deposit point and calling the dealership to complete over the phone.

WildJar can now attribute these offline phone calls to the online journey and help improve (and prove) the e-commerce model even more, by showing this ‘offline’ phone transaction started on the dealers website e-commerce channel.

Find out more how call tracking for automotive can illuminate a customers digital journey, and allow you to make data driven marketing decisions.

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