Benefits of Call Tracking and how to improve performance

James O'Neill

Benefits of Call Tracking and how to improve performance

With the invention of the internet and the heavy usage of mobile phones for web-browsing, it’s easy to neglect phone calls to your business. The problem with this is phone calls have the highest rate of conversion, are now easy to track, and contrary to public knowledge are actually increasing. With the ease of portable technology, customers can go right from an ad to a phone conversation with the company with the click of a button.

There are many benefits to providing a Call Tracking phone number for customers to call, let’s discuss them:

Three reasons why your business should be using Phone Conversions and tracking them 

1. Phone calls convert the best. This is for two reasons. The main reason is because once you have your customer on the phone, the customer has already invested in your business.It’s easy to get them into a sale once they have taken the step to call and enquire about your services. The second reason is because it is easy for online leads to fall through the cracks. Around 25% of online leads never get a response, whereas every call during business hours can be handled effectively.

2. You can track them. Tracking and recording phone calls has been around for decades and for good reason. Being able to figure out where your customer called from and track the time while they’re on the phone is necessary for improving your business.  Call Tracking has come a long was in the past few years, and WildJar is designed to make this process easy for you, too.

3. You can use PPC ads. You can still utilise online advertising even if you are sending your customers to a phone number. An easy way to do this is to skip the landing page and include the phone number directly on the ad. Offer the customer the opportunity to click to call, increase the real estate and this will make the phone number the main method of contact.

Now that you see why phone conversions are important for your business, let’s talk about a few ways to include phone conversions in your marketing and advertising.

How to improve Phone Conversions 

1. Click to Call directly from ads. A lot of ads are set up where they direct the customer to a simple landing page or a separate website. When customers are ready to purchase, the want to simply click and call your number. Connecting browsers to phone calls immediately helps improve sales and customer experience.

2. Have a local number. People feel more comfortable calling local numbers over Toll Free numbers.Luckily, it’s not difficult to request local numbers for your ads, especially if you’re utilising a Call Tracking and analytics program like WildJar.

3. Know what ads are converting. To keep a positive ROI with your ads, you need to know which are doing well and which aren’t. You can test the conversion rate of your ads by using A/B testing, or by using unique tracking numbers inside your advertisements. Knowing which ads convert to sales and which don’t will earn you more money in the long run, even if it costs a little extra to test in the beginning!

Combining modern advertising techniques with tried and true conversion techniques is the way to take your business to the next level. Refine the power of your advertisements and your customer service with Call Tracking. Call Tracking allows you to view good leads, shorten response times, and even categorise calls based on the client’s intent, along with discovering which marketing sources and keywords are driving business.

If you’re not utilising the power of direct calls and Call Tracking, then you’re leaving earnings on the table and neglecting a very powerful tool in growing your business.

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