Why set up click to call in Google Ads

Why set up click-to-call in Google Ads?

As a business owner, it’s important to evaluate your marketing strategies so you can figure out what’s working and what’s not. If you run a successful business, then chances are you’re familiar with Google Ads. But are you confident that your strategy is working as well as it should be? Many brands can benefit from using a particular kind of Google Ad, called a click-to-call ad. But how exactly do you set them up? And what are they in the first place? Keep reading to find out. 

What is a Google click-to-call ad? 

Google click-to-call ads are an ad type where once clicked upon, instead of linking off to a website, the business is called directly. These ads can only appear on mobile devices, making them a key part of a mobile marketing strategy. There are two instances where an ad can become a click-to-call ad:
1. when running a call extension on a text ad
2. when running a call-only ad

What’s a call extension? It’s a phone number that appears next to text ads and provides customers with the option to call the business. For mobile, these ads appear with a click-to-call button. While on desktop or tablet, the phone number will be seen next to the ad. 

The benefits of click-to-call ads

Now that we understand what a Google click-to-call ad is and who should use them, we can look at why they are effective when used in marketing campaigns. 

  1. Improved conversion rates

Businesses that include a phone number on their website and ads typically experience an increase in conversions, compared to those that don’t. And while that’s simple enough to understand, the real value of Google click-to-call ads comes from the fact that when users click-to-call on a mobile ad, they’re usually close to actually buying your product. This indicates the person is quite far down the sales funnel. How is that helpful? Because a quick chat with someone on your sales team could be just the thing to push the buyer over the line. 

  1. A competitive edge

Surprisingly, the vast majority of small-medium sized businesses do not have click-to-call setup. Yet nearly half of customers browsing on mobile search somewhere else if there are no click-to-call features enabled. This means that if you don’t have this ad type set up, you’re missing out on potential sales. Another way to think of it is like this: You want to make the customer journey as smooth as possible. If you don’t have this crucial last step ready to go, then there’s a chance you’ll miss out on the opportunity. 

  1. Customer communication is easier

Click-to-call ads are important because they make getting in touch with your business super easy. Why is this useful? Because a poor user experience will often cause searchers to click off and spend their money elsewhere. Gooel click-to-call ads ensure your phone number is positioned at the top of the page so it can’t be missed. From there, the customer only has to click on the button to speak with a sales representative who can provide the assistance they need. That’s what we call great customer service. 

Should you use Google click-to-call ads for your business?

Regardless of what industry your business operates within, if it relies on phone calls for customer conversions or enquiries, then Google click-to-call ads are worthwhile. 

For customers to make a purchase, they need the easiest path to conversion possible. If they are required to move away from your ad, they may lose interest or forget to call. That’s valuable contact time that you could be using to make a sale.

By attaching a click-to-call function to your Google Ads, you will be able to increase conversions by streamlining your customer’s journey. Instead of customers having to move away from your ad to look up your phone number, they can simply click a button and be on the line with you within seconds.

Speak to us about call tracking software 

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Our software has the ability to track all of your phone calls back to any part of the customer journey including your Google click-to-call ads. With WildJar, you’ll be able to gather valuable data about your customers and better understand their needs along with which marketing tactics are conversion powerhouses.

WildJar has a range of call tracking capabilities that will work to support your marketing strategies. These include call whispering,  call Barging, call recording, analytics integrations and more.

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