How Call Analytics Can Help Optimise Your Google Ads Campaigns

Google Ads is a great tool for generating targeted leads. It also offers many features that enable advertisers to track their campaigns' performance. Google also offers call forwarding as one of its features. Advertisers can track calls made by Google call extensions and call-only ads using Google's forwarding numbers. Google's call forwarding service provides information such as the duration of calls and the area code of callers. Although Google forwarding numbers are useful for gaining insight into Ads campaigns' success, they don't give all the metrics that data-driven marketers need to optimise their Ads marketing. We'll be discussing what makes full call tracking different from Google Ads call monitoring features, and how you can use call analytics to make the most of your Ads campaigns.

How can call tracking solutions provide greater accuracy than Google Ads?

Fully-featured call tracking services provide a wealth of data that Google forwarding numbers can't. Although Ads call tracking information is useful, it cannot match the accuracy and quantity of call tracking data.

Call tracking - get more from your call

Call analytics is a more powerful tool than call forwarding, and it's evident that call analytics can deliver more detailed and compelling data. Fully-featured call tracking solutions offer two key features that are unavailable with call forwarding. First, call tracking companies recognise that your phone number goes beyond a number. To ensure continuity for customers, they allow you to use your tracking number wherever you like. Call recording and robust reporting allow you to analyse calls quickly and efficiently.

Call analytics is a great way to make the most of Ads

Google Ads is a marketing technology that is widely used today and will continue to be so for many years. Call analytics is better than Ads call forwarding if you want to expand your Ads campaigns beyond clicking into calls. Call analytics provides more detailed data, more flexibility regarding phone number use and more advanced features such as call recording. Call analytics is an excellent choice for data-driven marketers who want to improve their bottom line and make their marketing more efficient. WildJar's integration with Google Ads will also help close the attribution gap.

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