How to use call tracking numbers in Google My Business

Setting up Google My Business is a good first step, but did you know you can take your marketing efforts even further? By adding call tracking numbers, you can learn valuable information about your customers to provide the best level of service at all times.

Let's start with the basics.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free, online tool that lets you create a profile for your company. It’s more than just a listing, however, as it can be used for a range of promotional activities to expand reach. For example, businesses can connect with new customers via Google Search, Maps and more. You can even post images to help spruik your goods or service. And the best part? Anyone can interact with you by leaving an online review. Overall, it’s a great tool, and something everyone should be using, especially when it comes to call tracking.   

What is call tracking?

Call tracking software is used by businesses to source and record information about incoming phone calls. It works by assigning unique trackable numbers to each of your prospects, which provides all sorts of useful data about the person calling on the other end. Once set up, you can determine basic demographic information, which can go a long way towards closing a sale. 

Putting it all together: how to set up call tracking for Google My Business 

The good news is that setting up call tracking for Google My Business isn’t a complicated process. In fact, it’s actually really easy.

  1. Get a tracking number

Start by choosing a call tracking provider and get your block of tracking numbers.

  1. Head to the info section of your GMB listing

Log in at and find your location. Navigate to your dashboard, and then click the “info” link on the left side to display the information for your business.

  1. Add your call tracking number

Select the pencil next to your phone number and input your tracking number in the field labeled ‘primary phone’.

  1. Add your actual local phone number

Enter your actual local phone number in the next field labeled “additional phone”. The algorithm will see that this local number matches your other citations and your website, so there won’t be any problems with NAP consistency.

Once complete, you’re ready to start tracking calls from Google My Business. Note: when your listing appears in brand searches, in the map pack or via Google Maps, the phone number that’s displayed will be your tracking number. 

End-to-end call tracking software and specialist support 

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