Key Insights into Automotive Sales Calls

Is your dealership ready to handle your Sales Calls?

The WildJar Insights team have been busy pulling together key trends from all of our automotive clients throughout 2019. The findings are incredible, and truly highlights the importance of effective call handling skills.

Phone calls into dealerships are on the increase. Customers are doing all their research online, and when they are ready to purchase they still pick up the phone and make a call.

Call Tracking by WildJar identifies these key trends on where your callers are coming from (55% of calls are being generated by Google My Business listings), and Sales Intelligence helps dealerships convert more callers into revenue.

WildJar can also send phone calls into your Dealer Management System or Lead Management System in real time, so you can nurture and follow up on opportunities.

Reach out to our Automotive Call Tracking specialists to find out more.

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