The Importance of Call Tracking in Marketing Campaigns

If you work in digital marketing, then you’ll appreciate that every bit of data helps when it comes to putting together a winning strategy. Whether you’re running a Facebook campaign or optimising webpages for Google, the importance of understanding what drives clicks is key. However one area of marketing that many people overlook is call tracking. 

With just some basic software, you can unearth a host of analytics data that will take your campaigns to a whole new level. Want to find out more? Check out this blog from the experts at WildJar. 

Don’t have call tracking set up? You’re missing half the picture. Without call tracking software running alongside your campaigns, you can’t accurately determine what’s working and what's not. Yes, analytics allows you to measure online conversions, but what about when someone calls your business directly instead of clicking a link or filling out a form? By using call tracking software, you’re trading confusion for certainty. The end result is a more comprehensive picture of your entire campaign. 

Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) works wonders if you want to understand customer behaviour on a deeper level. This software feature assigns a unique number to each contact based on their source, allowing you to see where they are calling from. If they decide to log off and come back to your site at a later date, they’ll keep the same identifier so you’re never left guessing. Dynamic Number Insertion also helps marketers track offline behaviour for added information and context. 

Everyone knows that customer service is key, particularly when it comes to driving sales and building a great reputation. The good news is call tracking software can help marketers to improve the way they communicate with customers. Recordings of past conversations are invaluable for training purposes as they can be used to upskill staff who may need help improving their phone manner or understanding of products. Simply review with a senior member of the team, provide feedback, and refine the process as required. Call recordings can also be used to update and modify marketing campaigns in a broad sense. Use transcripts to identify the keywords and types of language that callers are using when they make an enquiry. From there, update website and ad copy accordingly to really maximise the appeal of your content.  

Being able to track the customer’s entire journey has been a game changer. Thanks to multi-attribution tracking, marketers can view every channel that a customer has come into contact with before picking up the phone. This allows you to learn more about user behaviour which in turn can help you to better allocate resources and optimise specific strategies. Multichannel awareness is all about giving you a better understanding of the whole picture, so the right decisions can be made and the best results can be achieved across the board. 

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Lead generation call tracking software can make a world of difference to marketing campaigns. Whether you want to learn more about the user journey, improve customer experience or measure the effectiveness of your efforts across different channels, it’s something you can’t afford to go without. 

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