Tips to Improve Your Outbound Calls Strategy

If outbound calls are on the menu for your business, then you’ll be hungry to know what works and what doesn’t. Basically, whether it’s for telemarketing, fundraising or sales, it pays to have a strategy that you can refine and tweak in order to achieve success. But how exactly do you improve upon your efforts and get the best possible returns? Check out this blog from WildJar to find out.

Be clear when it comes to your goals and KPIs

You can go a long way in ensuring success by identifying your goals and KPIs from the outset. What we mean here is that by having clear and easily measurable objectives, you’ll be able to tweak and adjust your strategy as required. Start by thinking about which KPIs will be most relevant to improving your efforts and then go from there. 

You might like to measure average handle time, which is the length of all calls in relation to the total number of calls. If the length of time being spent on each call is too long, then you may need to look at your team’s closing skills.

Conversion rates are key as they relate to the number of sales relative to the total number of outbound calls. As you may suspect, low conversion rates mean you may need to improve your outbound calls strategy, while a high number reflects things are working well. 

The percentage of calls closed on first contact can be insightful as recording a high number in this box indicates that your team is doing a great job on the phone. On the other hand, if the opposite is true, then it’s likely time to change things up.   

Think about your use of scripts

Using scripts can be a great idea if your team finds them helpful while on the phone. In particular, they are a useful resource when it comes to product knowledge and selling the specifics of your service. However scripts can hinder your efforts in some ways. The reason being that reciting something word-for-word can make people sound robotic. So much so that customers can easily be turned off by the conversation. As a middle ground, we recommend using scripts when required, but make sure to have the individual rewrite them in a more natural voice. 

Be personable

Following on from the above, the goal of any conversation should be to share your offering with the prospect while being as personable as possible. This means you want to get off on the right foot so you can grab their attention and differentiate yourself from other callers. The best way to do this is by being personable. Why? Because this engages the party and proves that you aren’t a robot! You can do this by speaking in a way that is unique to you and talking about common interest (should they arise throughout the conversation). There are countless sales tactics that people use, but by far the most effective is being a genuine and interested human that stands out from the pack.

Analyse your data and optimise

Remember those KPIs we jotted down earlier? Well, now’s the time to use them. Once you’ve recorded your data, it’s really important to analyse how things are performing. By doing so, you can identify the strengths and weaknesses of your campaigns. For example, maybe your average handle time is too great. It might be time to retrain your team. Or perhaps conversion rates are down. Ditching the scripts and going for a more personable approach could be the ticket. Whatever the results may be, using them to your advantage is a vital part of getting the best returns. 

End-to-end call tracking solutions

Want to boost the performance of your outbound calls strategy? WildJar call tracking software is specially designed for businesses of all shapes and sizes that want the best returns for their efforts. Get the information you need to ensure success. So, pick up the phone and book a demo today!

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