Top 10 CallRail Alternatives & Competitors

If you’re looking for an alternative to CallRail, you’ve come to the right place. Call tracking is a powerful tool that allows businesses to track customer calls and measure their marketing performance. With so many call tracking solutions on the market, it can be difficult to choose which one is best for your business needs.

To make it easier, we have compiled a list of the top 10 alternatives to CallRail and outlined their features and benefits. Our goal is to help you find the perfect call tracking software solution for your business so that you can maximise your ROI and get more out of every customer interaction.

Top 10 Alternatives to CallRail

  1. WildJar
  2. Call Tracking Analytics
  3. Liine
  4. Cloudtalk
  5. ActiveDEMAND
  6. Marchex
  7. WhatConverts
  9. Invoca
  10. Phonexa

#1 WildJar

WildJar is a powerful call tracking software that allows businesses to track customer calls and measure their marketing performance. With its intuitive user interface and advanced analytics capabilities, WildJar makes it easy to optimise your campaigns for maximum ROI.

It also provides detailed reporting so you can better understand which channels are driving the most leads and conversions. WildJar's features include automatic call recording, dynamic numbers, lead scoring, keyword analytics, IVR routing, advanced API, call whisper and much more.

With these tools at your disposal you can ensure that every customer interaction counts towards successful sales outcomes.

How does it work?

Call tracking is a software solution that records the information about each call, including who called, when they called, and how long the call lasted. It can be used to track calls from any source, including phone numbers, keywords and websites.

What are the best features?

  1. Dynamic phone numbers
  2. Call recording
  3. Keyword and visitor access
  4. Real time call recording
  5. Call whisper
  6. Missed lead alerts
  7. Easy code implementation
  8. Instant number setup
  9. Traditional call tracking
  10. Local and toll free numbers
  11. Available in 60 countries
  12. Advanced API

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#2 Call Tracking Metrics

CallTrackingMetrics is a global provider of conversation analytics that equips marketers with the data they need to confidently make strategic decisions. Trusted by over 100,000 users, including major brands like The Washington Post, Verizon Connect, and ServiceMaster, CTM enables data-driven advertising choices. CTM integrates seamlessly with the essential tools marketers use daily, such as Google Ads and Analytics, Hubspot, Salesforce, Zoom, and Facebook. Founded by husband and wife team, Todd and Laure Fisher, CTM was among the earliest call tracking providers and remains family-owned.

#3 Liine

Liine is a powerful call tracking software company that provides businesses with the tools they need to track customer calls, measure marketing performance, and optimize their campaigns for maximum ROI. With its intuitive user interface and advanced analytics capabilities, Liine makes it easy to get insights into your customers' behavior and make data-driven decisions. It features automatic call recording, dynamic numbers, lead scoring, keyword analytics, IVR routing, advanced API integration support and more.

#4 Cloudtalk

CloudTalk is an intelligent phone system that offers cutting-edge call tracking capabilities. With superior call quality and reliable tracking functionality, CloudTalk is trusted by more than 2,500 businesses, including major brands like DHL, Yves Rocher, and Glovo. Streamline your sales and customer support operations with over 70 tracking features and seamless integrations with your current Helpdesk, CRM, and eCommerce systems. Designed for mid-sized companies looking to expand, CloudTalk is the ideal phone system to enhance productivity and streamline workflows.

#5 ActiveDEMAND

ActiveDEMAND offers a comprehensive call tracking and recording solution with advanced reporting capabilities. While most call tracking and recording tools solely provide call tracking features that don't integrate well with other marketing tools, ActiveDEMAND's Call Tracking & Recording is seamlessly integrated into a complete marketing automation platform. With ActiveDEMAND, you can effortlessly combine call tracking numbers with various marketing features such as autoresponders, built-in landing pages, email marketing, drip campaigns, pay-per-click, SEO, and more. Best of all, ActiveDEMAND provides free call tracking and recording accounts, making it easier for businesses to take advantage of its powerful capabilities.

#6 Marchex

Marchex provides an intuitive, award-winning call tracking platform that empowers marketers to optimize their marketing strategies. With Marchex, you can determine which channels generate the most high-quality leads and which keywords result in the highest revenue. Whether you drive leads through call extensions or click-to-call ads, our platform can help you uncover the most profitable marketing campaigns and channels, enabling you to optimize your marketing mix and digital ad spend for maximum impact.

#7 WhatConverts

Improve your marketing insights with call tracking. WhatConverts is a cutting-edge lead management tool designed for marketers and business owners to capture and measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. Gain a clearer understanding of which marketing efforts are driving sales and ROI.

#8 is a platform that empowers high-performing teams by providing real-time guidance. By identifying and recommending the most effective approaches, we enable companies such as HPE, Nutanix, and AWS to achieve consistent results and optimize their revenue operations. Our company, founded in 2013 and based in Los Angeles, is supported by venture funding from Goldman Sachs, Bryant Stibel, and Palisades Capital.

#9 Invoca

Invoca's Active Conversation Intelligence platform empowers marketing, sales, customer experience, and eCommerce teams to gain insights and take real-time action based on customer conversations. With seamless integrations with top technology platforms, revenue teams can leverage conversation data to improve every digital touchpoint and human interaction, resulting in better customer experiences, increased conversions, and higher revenue. Discover more about Invoca and its innovative solutions.

#10 Phonexa

Phonexa's cutting-edge call tracking and analytics platform, Call Logic, is designed to capture data on all inbound marketing calls and provide valuable campaign insights through advanced analytics. This highly integrated platform seamlessly integrates with other marketing automation tools, all of which are available within Phonexa's all-in-one suite for calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, accounting, and more.

Why WildJar?

WildJar is one of the top call tracking companies in the market today. It offers a comprehensive call tracking and analytics platform that helps businesses track, analyse, and optimise their marketing campaigns. With Wildjar, businesses can gain insights into which channels are driving the highest ROI, uncover opportunities to improve campaign performance, and measure customer engagement.

Unlike many call tracking services, WildJar provides advanced features such as automatic call routing, custom analytics dashboards, lead scoring rules, dynamic number insertion for tracking on web pages and mobile apps, real-time reporting for rapid insights into customer conversations. Additionally, its AI-powered call analysis feature listens to recorded calls to automatically detect keywords and topics of conversation for deeper insights into customer interactions.

WildJar also integrates seamlessly with many popular CRMs, help desk software, eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, PPC platforms like Google Ads, web analytics tools like Google Analytics, and more. This makes it easy to sync data across multiple channels and platforms for better insights into how customers are engaging with your business online or over the phone.

On top of all these benefits WildJar also offers a competitive pricing structure tailored to meet the needs of any size business from small startups to large enterprises. And their customer service team is quick to respond to questions or issues you may have during setup or day-to-day operations.

WildJar is an ideal choice for any business looking to take their marketing efforts up a notch by implementing call tracking software.

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