What are attribution models?

What are attribution models? 

While you might like to think that the customer’s purchasing journey is straightforward, chances are it’s not. In the digital age, there are many different ways for people to find and interact with your brand, services and products. From there, the way that they engage and move further down the sales funnel becomes even more complex. It’s for this reason that understanding attribution is key for marketers who want to improve their campaigns. Keep reading this blog from the team at WildJar to find out more.

How do attribution models work? 

Attribution modelling refers to a strategy whereby marketers analyse and assign credit to a marketing effort that takes place at the specific steps of the customer journey. It covers the entire process, from hunting online for a product to clicking off on the final purchase. But most importantly, it includes every action along the way. 

Why is attribution modelling useful? Because it helps to determine which touch points are working well and which aren’t. With this in mind, you can then tweak and adjust things to ensure that you are getting the best possible results across the board. 

Tip: Multi-touch modelling lets you distribute credit across a number of different touch points to see how marketing interactions impact the entire sales funnel.

Why do attribution models matter in digital marketing?

If your marketing efforts include a range of touch points, be it PPC keywords, landing pages, SEO and display ads, then how can you determine with confidence which avenue is responsible for a sale? There’s every chance that a customer may interact with some areas of your campaign more than others. Thanks to attribution modelling, you can clearly see the customer journey from the starting point to the end purchase. This means you can refine your approach based on the effectiveness of each medium, leading to better results and more sales. For example, maybe a particular landing page is generating a lot of leads and your social media ads are failing to create much interest. With the numbers in front of you, you could divert more resources into landing page content to capitalise on the success, and reduce the spending on ineffective ads. 

Nail attribution with call tracking software

Want to nail your digital marketing campaigns? Call tracking is one way that businesses are getting the most rewards for their efforts. With live dashboards, unique caller indication, call recording, multi-channel attribution, keyword and visitor analytics, conversion reporting, call whisper and more, you’ll be able to get a clear vision of what’s working and what’s not. 

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